Thursday, April 3, 2008

Are you Modeling to grow as a model, or to just call yourself one?

These guys with camera son't make it any easier, and it is sometimes hard to weed out the quality vs. the bs.

I really try to make a point to make sure my photoshoots have a point. I don't have time to waste and I don't need the drama and hassle of wondering " when will I get my photos."

This means even if I am only working with one photographer all the time and he/she is full of quality and gives me what I need then I am ok with it. When you are starting to experience your first time in front of the camera, it is important to have diversity, but if you read the book called The Ugly Business of Beautiful Woman," these models of the 1960's -1980's didn't shoot over and over, they instead worked with quality and started booking work as a model with editorials in magazines, and with brands.

Since the Internet and digital allow for just about anyone to call themselves a photographer, it is the same with models, and the difference can be found in the photos...just think about the images you admire... the styling is right, the lighting, the pose, the angle, the photography, the story, it isn't rushed, it is planning and it creates something worth while. Something that speaks. This can be the difference between a Guy with a Camera and a Photographer. A Model booking work, and just a girl who has done a few photoshoots but hasn't really booked any modeling work.

Maybe the fantasy is on your mind and just calling your self a model by ways of yoru website is fine...., maybe you want to be in Playboy, maybe a fashion magazines. But do your pictures represent that?

My big question is when a girl says she is a model: What are you modeling?

Your photos need to represent the work you want to get.

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