Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are you modeling for 5 minutes of fame or for years?

Modeling isn't a word with limitations in years. Woman who are 40 are modeling. Modeling is a commercial way for a product or brand to put a face, an image, a look, a story infront of their brand, involved with their brand and apart of their brand. Think of stores, advertising, ads, editorials, to sell any product models are needed.

I think modeling can be something a girl or woman can do for years and unlike the fashion world there is LONG long gevity. A model can work with brands, and a diverse amount of them all through her life. Maybe the modeling career, the CAREER word is not feasable, but the action of modeling can be throughout a person's life. For a woman to model all her life and make a living it will involve very strong representation, marketing and availability. Although for a woman to model for great jobs throughout her life. Once a month, a couple times a year, that is very possible.

When we compcare models who are known for a quick span, and then models who are working throughout there life like Lauren Hutton, we see that personality does come into play and as we get older the word model becomes more than being sexy, adored,full of glamour but that it represents selling. And involves products. From Knitting magazines, to cook books, to shoes, to pantyhose. Woman of all ages are needed and modeling does not have to YOUR LIFE if you don't want it to be...it can be often. But he misconception is that the word MODEL will Define you. There are working models and actors who have other things in their life. Woman who are working with brands and magazines but who also are many things in life....
As for me...I want to model throughout my life, represent many brands, work with many types of magazines. Not just be one type of model, I want a long pursuit.
It is important to strive, to focus on your photos, to work with quality people and photographers, to be involved with your shoots and pursuits. But there is no time limit. A person might not model thongs and Lingerie at 40...but she still can model!

But if you are modeling for only 5 minutes of fame or exposure then you can forget this whole blog.

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