Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Should models email or send their modeling photos in the mail?

Should you mail or email magaiznes?
Should you mail or email modeling agencies?
Should you mail or email casting directors?

I love emailing! I love googling, it is how I have booked work as a model. But then again I have plenty of modeling credits to show I am capable in tear sheets and brand names I have worked with. I think sending emails to brands shouldn't be stopped or done alone. It is important to email and then send your card by mail.

Same for magazines. And when submitting to a modeling agency or talent agencies.

I think getting exposure takes more than being on a social network, it take more than just having a compcard and headshot, it takes a lot of persistence, energy and mailing, and promotion. It takes all of these things to manage your self promotion.

I mail. I email. I google!
I have gotten global press on my book and myself by email and using it is a free tool to get in touch and ask questions and find out answers.

But yes snail mail is more professional. I know the hype is about internet websites, social sites, and the such, but actually mailing a compcard does the marketing trick. Think about it this way:

It seems Myspace and social sites are even a little over-popular, so why not do something different, than send them again to your Myspace page?

Having an old fashion compcard and headshot printed is not to be looked past.
Sending your photos in the mail the old fashion way is also the norm for casting directors and agencies who receive a TON of mail a day. noticed, be remembered, make an impression, and don't forget the importance of snail mail. Send a letter with it.

Sometimes I wish I could create a full sized photo of myself and send it by mail all folded up like a would come in a little envelope and then open up to a full size picture of me! Wouldn't THAT be impressive? Mmmm maybe I will pursue this!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So your only an Internet Model?

So it is obvious these days to have a Myspace and facebook page but is that ALL you are doing for your promotion?

Don't forget the power of snail mail!

It is a very good idea to invest in some compcards and mail your actual photos in the mail to editors at magazines and casting directors, and modeling agencies.

Since the entertainment world is meshing and actors and models are showing up at the similar castings and auditions it is normal to submit to ALL, modeling agencies,- commercial print, and talent agencies, and casting directors.

The Internet is amazing! I use it everyday but what will you say after an audition?

Just go to my Myspace page?

Sounds a little weird.

Listen up.. did you just get a modeling connection?

And by modeling connection I mean insight, new information, a tip to a new casting director to submit your compcard too, a new agency to consider?

Just by listening or asking questions you can learn, where are people like you booking work? With what agencies?

Also it is ok to be honest about what you are seeking, I sometimes confide in photographers when I want something and need some advice. Or if I have an idea about a certain photo I need I speak up and get some insight.

Alot of what I have learned along the way wasn't from someone handing it over to me, it was from asking, listening, and researching for myself.

Whats in your Model bag?

I like a nice big bag to carry all of my prep needs for castings, and shoots.
I hate carrying things I DON'T need. Here are some tips for 5 things you can easily get that are important for your modeling castings.

Travel size creams and lotions are great.
Panty hose. Keep an extra pair in your bag or in your drawer
Hair ties and hair clips.
A brush
Clear nail polish

These items might not be the first thing on your mind when you think of modeling but they do come in handy!

Monday, April 28, 2008

He just said, Magazine models needed....

I received an email today from my website. Which means the person found me by going there, since the email subject was Website request.

So I opened it and was kind of shocked by what it read:

hi there,
i am a freelance agent for a modelling firm..who sincerely
needs reputable models for a newly magazine......i saw your profile and
i felt it will be nice for you to be a part of these project....
if interested you can get back to me via my private email for details.

This is totally weird to me. I think photographers and newly magazine editors, shoudl be blunt in their first email to what the job is, what the magazine is like, -style- what the distribution is like? where can a person find this magazine?
Is this paid, if not what type of tearsheet will this be for my portfolio? What is the name of the magazine!!?

Also the word modeling is spelled wrong.

...before assuming I will email them back.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Models can Market themselves like a Small business

Please don't waste your time. Going to open calls at places that are modeling schools. I am NOT a fan of Modeling Schools... I would instead get a book on marketing and learn how to market yourself like a small business. Modeling schools usually are just meant to make a girl FEEL like a model not be one. We all have made that mistake one way or another.

If you are booking one modeling job a year but it is quality then it is better than wasting your time with ALOT of the wrong type of jobs, people, places, and agencies.

Contests are a waste of time unless it is with a company that has an amazing track record. Not a scam. I personally don't do contests much at all.. I would rather submit my compcard to magazines and modeling agencies that deal with models of ALL heights.

I would try to get some tearsheets in magazines yourself and then make a compcard., and then go to the modeling agencies you want to work with...usually if you have some tearsheets you will have a better time getting in the door where you want to get in.

Also another website to see is called

The guy has a good message as well for newbie models.

The agencies you want to work with are not strickly modeling...some agencies get stuck up with the sound of "Modeling agency," so I would also try to find talent, and casting directors. You need to get something on your modeling resume, /portfolio. You need to network with aspiring designers, and start to launch yourself.

For some ideas:

GOOGLE: YOUR CITY+ magazines
Google: YOUR CITY Photography

Research them and Email them your headshot, saying if they need an editorial model you are available. Sometimes you have to work for free to get ahead but it is worth it because a GOOD tearsheet can lead to more work that will pay.

Be a smart model, promote what you got: Say " I have great skin, hair and I am interested in modeling for your editorials." Tell a photographer " I have a lot of ideas and energy an I would love to plan a shoot with you. Do you test models?

You Don't have to take your clothes off to get ahead and you can manage yourself until you get some agencies on your side but then again even with agencies you still are promoting yourself the word of SUPER MODEL isn't the norm anymore, it is about marketing and self promoting, researching and making a business of your goals and being involved with them.

We need agents and agencies because the CLIENTS go to them. And we want to be with the agency so we can hear about the casting and hopfully book the job, but it is possible to skip the middle man in modeling and get in touch with the brands. But you need to have your marketing tools

compcard, headshot, portfolio and it is best to NOT send them to your Myspace account, it is better the mail the marketing director directly to the office. With a note saying something similar to above.

Gotta run hope this helps.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Leg model Isobella Jade Shares a First Person Modeling Experience on

Check out this essay I wrote about leg modeling on

It went live a few minutes ago!

I hope it inspires you.

This is the start of it:

An Imperfect Model
April 25, 2008
By Isobella Jade

They yelled to the photographer, "The leg model is here!" The pressure was on.

The night before this "go-see," which is a casting call for models, I'd carefully prepared my legs, shaving them carefully, covering the scar on my knee with some foundation, and had lotioned them up about twelve times. I applied one last smear on the train ride in; by now they looked and even smelled good, like peppermint.

I was nervous because this go-see would determine whether I nailed my first job as a leg model. I'd done other types of modeling before, but this was something new. Any time I try something I've never done, I'm always a mix of nervous and excited, as well as determined to succeed.

To read more click the link here or above!

do you think i have modeling potential?

do you think i have modeling potential?

A girl on Myspace recently asked if she had modeling potential, this was my answer:

When I write I get in a roll. So don't mind my long email!

can you be model?

Modeling these days is about YOU thinking you have potential. No modeling scout or agent ever discovered me and said, " You should be a model!"
Instead I made myself one because I like modeling, I love telling a story through products and I think I am good at it, at posing, at selling a product.

I amvery involved with where I will go as a model and the type of jobs I will book. I have done this for years and promoting and marketing is my daily life!

The most important thing is HOW your Market yourself.

These days the web has made Being a MODEL too much about being sexy and taking off your clothing.
That can be modeling but to me, modeling is working with brands, it is representing a product and any person, any good looking person, with energy can model.

Recently my agent from the PARTS agency- a commmecial agency in NYC told me that next week I have a casting for a phone company, They are looking for "every day people who are attractive. " The casting event said, "NOT typical models. "

So this is what I would do.

Start looking in magazines. Not just fashion, but all types of magazines, from knitting to hair, to fitness, to travel.
Look inside and notice girls that have energy, who are using what they DO have to promote a product, or editorial.

Notice ads too. Notice products where models of all heights, colors, and shapes are used.

Everything from DOVE, to Payless, to Wal-Mart, are using models of all types.

What you need are photos that have a commercial look, -so grab a handbag, put on your favorites shoes, and jeans, and laugh and be you, and make sure your photos represent you and your energy, it is ok to smile. Not enough aspiring models smile. And for the commercial world you need too~!

Glamour modeling is fun but it is short lived, also fashion modeling is short lived too, but commercial print modeling, modeling for products and brands and every day products can be until you are 80-!

So the first step is knowing you CAN model, believing in you, because you will get a LOT of NO's in this business but you have to have the energy, and belief in your self to keep striving and promoting yourself and going after the job you want!

Right now I am trying to approach hair companies and magazines. Makeup brands and shoe companies.

Maybe you should too!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The designer of Lula Lu lingerie for petite's

"who says small isn't beautiful?"

I recently had the opportunity to shoot a few lingerie pieces of the lula lu lingerie collection and I spoke to the designer Ellen Shing and this is what she had to say about having a petite lingerie brand.

"I am petite in the sense I am 5' 2" but my bra size is 36A and it is hard to find because it is considered an "odd size" with my band back being big but my cups are small. The manufacturers all produce 36A's but I had the hardest time finding it in the stores and then I started asking some friends, who were even smaller in size than I am (i.e. 32AA, 34AA), about bra shopping and I got back so much feedback about how they hated being directed to the kid's department (these are women in their 30's!), hated going to Victoria's Secret and generally hated bra shopping because it was so frustrating. So, I guess you could say that's when I got to thinking about doing this petite lingerie business both for my own bra shopping headaches and from hearing about it from other friends."

Pretty inspiring right!

Check out her lingerie collection here, meant for petite's!

Modeling Green Tips: Do you need to use THAT much tissue

Here are some tips on how to be a model and how to be green.

1. Don't waste water! This is a major pet peeve for me, when you are brushing your teeth or cleaning your face with some face scrub or something, don't let the water run forever! The same goes for shaving. If you are foaming your leg, turn the water off! Then once you have shaved turn it on and rinse your blade. Trust me it might sound silly and like a little thing but it is helpful NOT to waste water.
---one day we might be fighting for it!

2. Do you need THAT much paper towel? It drives me nuts when I see girls using a whole long chunk of paper tower and then only using a little and throwing out the rest...just take what you need girls. Or just Don't use paper towels, use the air dryer in public bathrooms. Also don't don't don't use a whole wad of toliet issue if you don't need it. Honestly!

3.U sually when using creams and shower scrubs like St.Ives you squeeze until nothing else can come out...(oh gosh this is sounding sexual!) but really the next time you think there is nothing left in that bottle cut off the top of the package and you will notice there is a TON in there you wasted or could have used.

4 Quit smoking around! I know it might seem sexy but unless you are posing for a cig ad, stop smoking...Pleeeeeeeeeease/ we want you to live longer!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How to get a modeling Agent without the wait

Modeling agents can be hard to impress in the start. So...The best idea is to start by being your own! I think of my own modeling pursuits as a marketing pursuit, with daily and weekly and monthly goals.
I didn't get started working with agents until a year of modeling on my own and trying to figure out " What is modeling and how do I fit in?"
Since then the modeling world has changed and digitally, and through the web a girl can be entrapped and enticed with being a model, but getting the modeling work, working with brands and magazines is a whole other world and it involves marketing yourself the right way to agents, to magazines, and being smart about how you sell yourself.

Before you start considering modeling agencies I would look at yourself and understand if you also know how to market yourself. Are you driven? Are you willing to seek out your own modeling work? Can you manage mailing your photos to magazines? Are you just modeling for the ego and fun and money, or are you modeling because you like it and know your can too!?

I enjoy seeking out my own modeling work and seeing results. I enjoy knowing that the agent is important, nice to have, a bonus...but I can also seek out my own work and I have no problem seeking out magazine editors, and brands I want to work with and trying to get intouch with them and see meetings and photoshoots and exposure an modeling jobs result from my own persistance!

Then you can take this effort you put into yourself and bring it to a modeling agency, a talent agency, a casting director, and have a better chance to be booked because you weren't bossed around, told what to do, but you learned it for yourself!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Love Handbags? A petite model needs a good one! Here is a chance to win it and support a great cause!

My good friend Jacquelyn LaCroix is an impressive handbag designer, her bags can currently be seen in the promotion for Electrolux premium kitchen appliance suites aside Kelly Ripa, the promotion is for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. You can play the fun Guess the handbag game at and you can also see Jacquelyn LaCroix's handbags as well. Or visit her website

Jacquelyn has decided to also launch her own little game and the following are the details. So if you love handbags and want the chance to win a free one, dive into these awesome promotions.

You can also see Jacquelyn's bags in an Us Weekly ad for Electrolux premium kitchen appliance featuring the petite and beautiful Kelly Ripa!

Win a LaCroix Handbag!!!
Email us the numbers for 7 out of the 10 possible LaCroix Styles included in the photo below. You will be entered in a drawing to receive a free LaCroix Handbag from the new
"Jacquelyn Ashley Collection"

Deadline to receive all emails is May 16th, 2008

Out of the correct entries:
1st Draw will receive a free handbag of their choice from the "Jacquelyn Ashley Collection"
2nd Draw will receive a free credit card wallet in the color of choice
3rd draw will receive a $50 Gift Certificate good towards any purchase of a handbag

All winners will be notified by email on May 19th,2008.

Only one submission per person or you will be disqualified.

Click Picture Below to Play or visit

Feel Free to Pass along to Friends and Family

Good Luck!

Isobella Jade on Maxim Radio

...if you want to tune in at 8pm this Weds the 23rd, I will be discussing sex, relationships, and pop culture on Maxim Radio called the DeVore & Diana show ( . "They are silly and laid back, and like to describe themselves as "Regis & Kelly on crack."

isobella jade

And my podcast will be rescheduled for either early Weds or on Friday.

The topic is: modeling casting confessions and how to get through and over a modeling casting.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Weekends are great to plan for mailing your compcard and also test shoots

Currently I am planning a few spring photoshoots. Also I am planning a shoot with a bathingsuit as well, I am thinking a full piece because it can be just as hot and sexy!

And the weekends are a perfect time to start making a list for mailing your compcards.

I always think it is a good idea to look at magazines to get inspired for your shoots, to have a say and get creative with your poses.

Also when you are out in your day start to scope out ideas for locations. While walking around the city I get inspired quickly, especially with big buildings as a backdrop!

I like playful shoots and also teh big long stair ways of museumes and even the post office on 8th Ave is nice!

Plus Size models a casting worth checking out.

Craigslist can be good. Like this post I saw today looking for models for a longisland fashion show. Might be good for aspiring models.

Lane Bryant Fashion Show Saturday 4/19/08 (Green Acres Mall)

Reply to: gigs-647006424@craigslist.orgDate: 2008-04-18, 11:55AM EDT


I haven't submitted and I do not know the quality in the job. But it might be worth a chance to look into.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

modeling confessions: Staying motivated means having goals.

When ever I feel like a need a kick in the butt, I give myself some goals. In any business, or pursuit you have to have constant goals for constant growth. You have think all the time about whats next, and how can you attack it!

When it comes to modeling I think the same way about it. Just having your photos isn't enough. You need to market yourself, stay active, and try to book some of your own work, or even try to get a tearsheet in a magazine yourself. And managing yourself is hard, it is stressful, it might make you wonder, "what am i doing?" With a big question mark. Some days are good, some days really are still or dull. But if you give yourself goals and a plan to attain to them your pursuit and overcoming the odds and challenges along the way will be easier.

A model needs to be modeling for brands, for products. Sure just calling yourself a model might be easy but working with real brands, agencies and magazines is a whole other world.

Being realistic with yourself and trying to get in touch with brands, magazines, agencies and photographers can seem like a circle, round and round, again and again, it can make you dizzy waiting for the phone to ring, so don't wait!

Make some goals for yourself, have a purpose with your pursuits and a plan and stick to them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Google: a models best friend

I love google. I love it because I need it to do my job, do my dream, and make things happen. It is the best resource tool out there and I find it to be so important when it comes to knownig if something is ful lof SHHH..or actually fantastic.

Here are some tips when it comes to using google in hopes of gaining experience as a model, contacts, jobs, and meeting the right people.

1. Before you go to meet a modeling agency google them + the word "scam"- unless it is a major fashio nagency that has been around for like 100 years it is always good to know the google status of a modeling agency, social site, modeling network, ect.

2. Google photographers too. Google any names of directors, agents, photographers, studios, and brands and companies to know if the job you are applying to, the person you are planning to meet is quality.

3. Beaware of your own google ranking and results. Google can ruin and help a person, but remember being a serious model who is booking work with national brands means to have a good place on google, so stay away from signing up for anything, anywebsite, or network, that doesn't seem to be a benefit to your image.

4. Beware that google DOES grab images. Have you ever googled yourself and noticed the images, click IMAGES at the top of the screen on the left side and you will see also images of yourself from googling.

5. Remember that even when you comment on something, say in the news, on a news website...say an article about sex, or drugs, anything! It will get captured and your name will be involved with it when you are googled.

Whether you are a handbag designer, a start up, a painter, or a model, google ratings are judged. So to keep a clean record be aware that google can also hurt too. Over-all I love google. I check my google stats often and I can say that having good search ratings can mean exposure.

For example: I was recently seen in NYLON magazine for aneditorial about body part models, and I can thank google for that because when you google New York City + Body part models, or the other way- body part models + new york city. I come up in the top three results!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Breaking into modeling for the first time?

Here are some quick and blunt starter tips for breaking into the modeling business for the first time:

1. Be picky about the photographers you work with.
2. You don't have to be on the casting couch or work with jerks to get ahead.
3. Be driven, do your research and like starting a business read, and google, and ask questions.
4. Focus on your photos. Your photos will sell you and help you get work. They need to represent the model and person you are and trying to be.
5. Let your photos speak: Show your diversity, show photos that look like ads and editorials. So Start studying magazines and ads.
6. Girls of all height can model and women of all ages too. Modeling is a broad word!
It can be older women and babies. There is a lot of modeling work out there but it comes in a form of commercial print modeling, where real life good looking people are needed.
7. Be positive. Think of the DOVE campaigns and places where woman of all heights and sizes are used. Think about where you DO fit into the modeling world in a realistic way.
8. Be a self server. Be able to promote yourself, and to do this you need photos. Compcards and alot of stamps!
9. Submit your photos out and don't wait for a call. Who says you can't submit your photos to the photo researchers and editors at magazines? Who says you can't submit yourself to agencies? Get on it!
10. Being discovered really means discovering yourself!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Petite Models are not needed!!!!

It is a struggle for the petite model to find an agency and I find this is a question and comment I get alot from aspiring models.

Usually an agency wont say LOOKING FOR PETITE MODELS. And usually there are not agencies that are bluntly petite. ( only a few I have found anyways)
But there is modeling work for petite models if you are realistic.

If you submit your photos and show your range and diversity to a print modeling or lifestyle agency you have a bigger chance than trying to be something you aren't. Don't stress over your height if you don't have it...let the tall girls worry about that!

Don't worry about not being tall enough. Because modeling is more than height.

Instead of noticing where short models aren't, Start noticing where they are!

While knowing the modeling industry doesn't welcome the petite size in terms of fashion the petite model needs to find work in other avenues and ways.

Print. Catalog, Body part. Hair modeling, beauty. Editorial.

But no matter what it is a tough business. Even tall models have it tough and no height or look can promise success as a model or modeling work at all.
nly a few patch of models work every day or week with national brands and make a serious living from modeling. But petite models are seen in commercials all the time, print editorials and ad campaigns.

The serious don't settle!

Casting Confessions of a Shoe model

The air whips under my dress. It is 40 degrees out. No one else in the city of NYC is wearing a dress. At least I have pantyhose on. I race for the train as the wind tries to blow me away.

I show up in my dress, freezing. Sometimes I remove my panty-hose, depending on the shoe I will have to try on. If it is a boot I can just keep my panty-hose on! But wearing the dress is important. It shows my legs. I could have worn pants or sweatpants and then changed into a dress or skirt but that wasn't on my mind at the time.

Legs and feet and hands go together. So usually I have my fingernails painted along with my toes the night or day before the casting. Usually I lube up my legs with lotion and of course I shave. If you notice, for a lot of advertisements and catalogs involving shoes, many times the hands and legs are included in the shot. Just because this casting is for shoes, it doesn't mean my other body parts won’t be considered. The outfit I wear matters.

First impressions mean a lot, so I make sure I know the style and personality of the shoe brand, before I attend the casting if possible. It is good to know the type of job you are going for,—so you can also look the part.

Visiting the showroom of Lifestride is very different than visiting Carlos Santana shoes. The clothing you should wear to
the separate places is also different.

Wearing socks when you wear boots is important, always, no questions. This might seem obvious to you, but I made that mistake once. I didn’t have socks on while wearing my tan boots and running around the city in them for hours, then I got a call for a casting. It was very embarrassing to whip off my boot and have black smudge on my calves and toes from the boot. Lesson learned.

Also, even though it might sound old school, wearing nude colored panty hose is still something you have to do in the shoe modeling world for castings sometimes. Shoe models stock up on these sorts of things.

I think about all the castings, all the offices, all the studios, showrooms, streets, buildings and the list never ends. Each one is different and when it is over I usually try to just forget about it, in hopes that in forgetting about it, not dwelling, moving on to the next casting—means I get it.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I didn't get that modeling job but....

I have learned over time how small the modeling world is, you will run into the same people time and time again. Alot of people know people. And also the same is for casting directors, agents and models, makeup artists, hair stylists.

This means two things to me:

1. Be nice. Be nice to everyone because you will most likely see them again sometime.

2. When I get a no for a modeling casting it doesn't mean that NO is forever. I have seen the same casting directors, and photographers time and time again who have said no to me the first time, but then I came back again and got a yes. So remember if you go to a casting ...JUST GO and do the best you can and then move on to the next job...don't let one casting define your life!

There is always tomorrow!

So you didn't get the modeling what?

So maybe you went to the casting, brought you game face, brought your energy and photos but you didn't get the job. Now what?

Well here are some tips to getting over NOT GETTING THE Modeling JOB.

1. Just because you didn't get print ad, well that doesn't mean you should stop trying. Don't let one setback hold you back.

2. Get busy again and quick! Submit your photo, go to the modeling casting, meet the agent, mail your pictures,-whatever it may be... and then forget about it, don't dwell..just get busy again. The moment you let ONE opportunity define your success you will never get anywhere.

3. SET realistic goals. Write them down. Perhaps one can be "BE in a magazine within this year." Or " Be involved with a television show or get background work or a feature in a magazine in_so and so time frame___"

4. Learn. Take away something from each opportunity. Each thing is a step. Each day, each encounter, each job, and with each one learn something about growing as a person and model.

5. Know ahead of time WHAT the casting involves by asking questions to your agent or the one hosting the casting. Knowing what to wear, or what will be expected is always nice ahead of time so you can give the casting director the LOOK they are looking for.

6. Observe. Look around you and it is ok to notice what other people are doing, and even though modeling is suppose to be cut throat and full of snotty models you can actually learn a thing or two by just nicely asking another girl, " what agency do you work with?" Or "How did you hear about this casting or job?" sometimes the answer can give you insight into other opportunities out there you can use. This is how I found Craigslist.

7. Treat yourself like a business. Have your marketing material. And show photos that represent what the casting is looking for. If the casting is for a teenage model and you are going to go because you look young....then don't go to the casting looking TOO revealing in your clothing or way conservative....look at some teen magazines ahead of time and get an idea of what TEENS look like. Prepare by doing some homework.

I have a casting this week for shoe modeling so I get a pedicure....but also I get a manicure because hands and feet alot of times go together in the print ad...also if I will be putting on shoes, then the casting director will most likely SEE my hands and I want them to look nice.

Go to your casting with a CLUE...don't be clueless and an airhead. KNOW what you are doing. And remember a NO is never a NO Forever and sometimes if you get a no the first time it can just mean the next time you might get a yes. So Don't give up!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nothing on your modeling resume or acting resume? it's ok!

it is called self starting. Sometimes jobs that don't pay can benefit your resume, for example if MTV or Fuse or a network is casting you might want to go even if it doesn't pay a lot. And most magazine's editorial rates are not high, but the tearsheet leads to more work.

A model or actress with something on her resume will get more work quicker than a girl without one.

Be picky, but open minded.
Make sure you think of each job as an opportunity to lead to more and if the casting, modeling job or role isn't something that could lead to something else why do it? Still if the job isn't paying you hudnreds or thousands it doesn't mean it is a bad job. To build a reel you might have to take some chances and work without a high rate but hopefully it will be worth it!

It is So EASY to be a Modeling Scam

It is so sad, but so true. Being a modeling scam is so easy. All a person really needs is a computer, a web designer, some savvy writing, some marketing dollars or google ads and suddenly you are born. It is really sad and even sick to know how many modeling scams, social sites, and bullshit there is out there. But then again who is to blame?

Is it the model that falls for the modeling scam and trap?
Or is it the people who are just trying to make a buck off of your naive unknowing'ness.

What about buyer beware?

I get so sick to my stomach and head that I hurt just thinking about these modeling social sites that take your money, and reel you in with words of castings! Opportunities! Modeling jobs! And really give you a profile on a corny website that really gets you know where.

I know of this one so called modeling social site that acts as a middle man between the model or actor and the casting director and the JOB. But I find the point of paying $19- $30 a month for something I could do myself for thte cost of nothing a waste of time.

I guess if you aren't that serious about trying to get modeling and acting work and jobs and gigs, and agents and managers and opportunities then paying to call yourself a Model or actor is your way...but if you are seeking to get work. Here are some things to consider that COST nothing.

-Barnes and Noble.- I live at barnes and Noble, doing research and trying to seek out information. So spend a day in the magazine section and flip through magazines you want to be in andrealistically could be. Lifestyle, travel, beauty, fitness, etc- all types, even technology magazines or home and garnden, ALL magazines need models.

Then you can research the names and editors and address's of places to send your compcard or headshot to. Take action for yourself! Start creating your own resume by being on top of your mailings and making contacts and promoting You.

Also there is a handy book at Barnes and Noble called "The Ross Reports." ( At Borders as well.) And you can use this booklet ( $10) to find the names of casting directors and agents and modeling agencies to mail your compcard and headshot, al lthe address's are there, all the names.

You have to be persistant but finding your own way is easy and doesn't cost too much money.

Don't end up paying for things you could really just google yourself. Scams really upset me...the people who run them upset me more...I would like to say to could you really sleep well at night or at all knowing you are full of know what?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Basic Modeling tips- The need of a compcard

When I am talking to non-aspiring models the compcard is an unknown thing, but then again even to aspiring models the compcard sometimes can be an unknown thing, which is why I have listed this as a post. This might sound basic but also it can be helpful.

A compcard is a postcard about 5 by 8inches which has 5 images on it usually/
a headshot. And 4 other photos on the back, sometimes models put only two photos on the back or three. It is like a mini portfolio. A quick example of the model you are...aka or want to be.

The compcard is your marketing tool. It is mailed to agents to get their attention. Usually for petites this can be a talent agency or commercial print modeling agency.
Sometimes agencies provide cards for you, sometimes a model has to make their own.
Whether making your own, or working with an agency you should be comfortable with the photos that are shown and they should represent the model you are.

Instead of being an air head try to be involved with your compcard and have a say, suggest ideas.

The compcard is needed because when an agent sends you to a casting you will leave the compcard with the casting director.

Also the compcards is something your agent needs to use to send off to their clients which would book you as a model.

A compcard is your marketing tool and you should have one with or without an agent.
Like a business card, you need to be able to have tools, physical and in print to market yourself. Not just the web. But print, actual and in your hand, which can be mailed and sent out and given out.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Modeling saving tips for Modeling expenses

I recently wrote some Spring Tips on City Chick Magazine for welcoming Spring into your life, but also I wanted to share a few more about money saving for models.

Being a model can add up in price. Buying a portfolio $40-100 dollars and can be even more for a really really nice one that lasts. Makeup, shoes, clothing, hair products, skincare, not to mention all those little things you need for castings, auditions, and test shoots. Pantyhose!

Here are some more tips about saving the dough and looking good:

1. Instead of buying new shoes get your old ones fixed! Save yourself some money, it costs like 8 bucks to fix your shoes compared to buying ANOTHER pair. It isn't as depressing as it might sound, I always feel good when I put on my fresh cobbler fixed shoes!

2. Update your hair roots, and refresh your color, also to bring life back into your hair you can try hot oil treatment V05 has a good and cheap one, or Wella Color Fresh.

3. Donate! Your Clothing you don't wear anymore- and throw out magazines you don't read anymore. Or rip out the pages of the magazine you want to keep and make a folder, instead of having piles and piles of magazines and pieces of clothing that have been sitting for ever in your dresser.

4. You can also make a section of clothing: Meant for Photoshoots, and Meant for every day life.

5. Get some prints for your portfolio for only a few bucks at

6. Don't buy what you really Don't need. That sounds simple but honestly, do you NEED another piece of makeup? Check to see what you have before going shopping.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are you modeling for 5 minutes of fame or for years?

Modeling isn't a word with limitations in years. Woman who are 40 are modeling. Modeling is a commercial way for a product or brand to put a face, an image, a look, a story infront of their brand, involved with their brand and apart of their brand. Think of stores, advertising, ads, editorials, to sell any product models are needed.

I think modeling can be something a girl or woman can do for years and unlike the fashion world there is LONG long gevity. A model can work with brands, and a diverse amount of them all through her life. Maybe the modeling career, the CAREER word is not feasable, but the action of modeling can be throughout a person's life. For a woman to model all her life and make a living it will involve very strong representation, marketing and availability. Although for a woman to model for great jobs throughout her life. Once a month, a couple times a year, that is very possible.

When we compcare models who are known for a quick span, and then models who are working throughout there life like Lauren Hutton, we see that personality does come into play and as we get older the word model becomes more than being sexy, adored,full of glamour but that it represents selling. And involves products. From Knitting magazines, to cook books, to shoes, to pantyhose. Woman of all ages are needed and modeling does not have to YOUR LIFE if you don't want it to can be often. But he misconception is that the word MODEL will Define you. There are working models and actors who have other things in their life. Woman who are working with brands and magazines but who also are many things in life....
As for me...I want to model throughout my life, represent many brands, work with many types of magazines. Not just be one type of model, I want a long pursuit.
It is important to strive, to focus on your photos, to work with quality people and photographers, to be involved with your shoots and pursuits. But there is no time limit. A person might not model thongs and Lingerie at 40...but she still can model!

But if you are modeling for only 5 minutes of fame or exposure then you can forget this whole blog.

What it takes to be a model

I don't think it takes just one or two things. I think it takes ALOT of things. To get work as a model you have to have your marketing tools, your photos are always number one. The next thing is the agent, the help, the assistance, or you can self serve and promote yourself by mailing out your marketing material, compcards, headshots, a printed portfolio out to magazines, newspapers and brands you want to work with. I think in today age the Internet can be a help but also a hurt so you have to be careful about NOT marketing yourself too much off the Internet and relying on one source.

Because today acomplishment, credits, exposure might not equal tomorrows.

If you want to model think about what you want to model. Don't just model to show your self for no reason at all, model because modeling is really about modeling a product a brand, and start to understand that modeling means marketing.
Not just marketing yourself but marketing products, and it even involves personality and being able to sell.

The aerhead model is not my style, either is the trashy girl. When I think of a model, I think of products, cosmetics, brands, magazines, not just foo foo fluffy modeling without a point.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Becareful with Address books and Photo contests

On a random whim I did a photo contest online which was a big mistake. Not the contest really but the fact that by mistake I sent it to my WHOLE address book when I only wanted to send it to a select group. Beware when you do anything online or that involves an address book. I don't think online contests are extremely harmful, yes they can be lame, and corny but do be weary.


How should you LOOK for a modeling casting?

I think you should look like an ad for a hair product, those girls always look fresh.... start looking in mags for makeup ideas. You can wear makeup, just pretty, think not glam just pretty. Think SI Swimsuit issue makeup- thats beautiful,naturla, sunkissed, and bright eyed!

I would go as you naturally are, on any old day, unless the casting says, Curly hair model, or straight hair model, or casual, or sexy...then you would know how to change yourself and look.

I think it is a simple thing, nothing to be dwelled upon, don't need to spend hours changing your clothing a million times or fussin with the hair... I usually get my face done on the train.. haha. when I go to a casting I just go wearing something I love...even if I just wore it yesterday.. I like being comfortable and myself, even if it means I am in heels or a dress.. I try to look like the ad and model they are looking for...but your compcard should show your diversity. YOUR PHOTOS, your compcard should show your LOOKS if you have many.- for example if you hair can be both straight and curly should show your hair straight and also curly on your compcard, and your different looks,- from wearing a dress, to wearing jeans... doesn't have to be MAJOR extreme.

You will notice that ALL types come out to auditions and castings, sometimes the totally different looking than you. And sometimes you book a job or don't book a job because you just weren't what they were looking for, or you were. Even a hand modeling casting is competitive, any type of modeling is! So it is best to focus on your compcard, because what you wear to the casting is small compared to what you will leave when you are gone and out of the casting directors face....will they remember you?

Friday, April 4, 2008

The one piece bathing suit in Ads

I am loving the one piece bathign suit look right now. Recently I saw the ads for UGG Australian boots, and also in the Chaps ad! So sexy, I love the way the teeshirt looks with the bikini bottom in the Chaps ad. I like the energy in the shots too.
And I am so impressed with how good a one piece can look!

Experiment with different styles of bathingsuits and poses and atmospheres for your shoots! Not just the beach and ...remember it is very sexy to include a smile in your swimwear shot!

Try something new. Make your shoots look like they speak with energy and your personality, there is a huge market for the commercial print model!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Are you Modeling to grow as a model, or to just call yourself one?

These guys with camera son't make it any easier, and it is sometimes hard to weed out the quality vs. the bs.

I really try to make a point to make sure my photoshoots have a point. I don't have time to waste and I don't need the drama and hassle of wondering " when will I get my photos."

This means even if I am only working with one photographer all the time and he/she is full of quality and gives me what I need then I am ok with it. When you are starting to experience your first time in front of the camera, it is important to have diversity, but if you read the book called The Ugly Business of Beautiful Woman," these models of the 1960's -1980's didn't shoot over and over, they instead worked with quality and started booking work as a model with editorials in magazines, and with brands.

Since the Internet and digital allow for just about anyone to call themselves a photographer, it is the same with models, and the difference can be found in the photos...just think about the images you admire... the styling is right, the lighting, the pose, the angle, the photography, the story, it isn't rushed, it is planning and it creates something worth while. Something that speaks. This can be the difference between a Guy with a Camera and a Photographer. A Model booking work, and just a girl who has done a few photoshoots but hasn't really booked any modeling work.

Maybe the fantasy is on your mind and just calling your self a model by ways of yoru website is fine...., maybe you want to be in Playboy, maybe a fashion magazines. But do your pictures represent that?

My big question is when a girl says she is a model: What are you modeling?

Your photos need to represent the work you want to get.

Modeling to get ahead and modeling to get NO where? which are you?

Are you shooting to get ahead as a model, or are you shooting to just call yourself a model? Are you overconsumed with your fan club, hits and clicks? or are you working with magazines and booking modeling work with brands and taking on modeling jobs that will infact get you more modeling work?

The word model has changed a lot in the past 10 years and to be honest before I googled the word model in 2001, I didn't really understand what one was, I wasn't reading a ton of magazines, just YM and maybe the ALLOY catalog now and then, but modeling wasn't so much of a popular word as it is today and it makes one question...what is modeling and where does the line start between the fantacy of modeling and real modeling?

I think it really comes down to the type of jobs and castings you are going to and from and the type of work you are booking. To me a model sells, she is like a salesman, she isn't just there to pose and look all fluke and not just a muse, but more of girl who promotes a brand, represents it, and uses what she has, whether it is her leg or her whole body and personality to represent that brand and product. It could be lingerie, it could be nail polish, it could be a couch, or a chair, but a model IS More than just a girl who has her photo taken.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Modeling and Selling the Model you are

Well a lot of girls want to be models before they know the answer to " how can I get modeling work."

I think it is important to know how to market a product before creating it, or launching into it. I think it is important to consider what it means to be a model and how to be one. Here are some of my thoughts:

Modeling to me is modeling products, everything from shoes, to q-tips, to washing machines and soft drinks.

Modeling isn't just having a photo shoot, and making a compcard, I think modeling involves going on go-sees, working with brands, magazines and selling.

I think a great model is also a great saleswoman. To sell herself and also the products she works with.

A model knows how to "work" a product, make it look presentable at a shoot, and handle it in a way that speaks, and has emotion.

A model is many sizes, but with always personality, energy and can represent a certain look or has the "parts" and personality to sell a product or brand, magazine editorial and ad campaign.

A model isn't just a person who is on a reality Tv show, a model is someone who is really working with brands, products, in catalogs, ad campaigns, whether online or in print.

A model can be a grandmother and a baby

A model doesn't have to be tall to work in the commercial print modeling world.

Tips for Models and Actors on roles for Ethnicity and Pregnancy

Did you know the Grant Wilfley Casting recently was seeking East Indian men in their late 50s to 60s to play a featured non-speaking role as a hotel manager in an upcoming feature film. Did you know CSI recently was casting pregnant women? Did you know that hispanic magazines like Latina need models all the time? And lifestyle magazines like Marie Claire magazine always need models of all shapes and sizes. Did you know that no matter your skin tone there is modeling work for you? Don't limit your chances by now thinking open minded about the business and please understand that modeling and getting acting roles are now very broad when it comes to accepting ethnicity.

So keep your scars, your nose, your honest you and use it to get ahead!