Monday, March 31, 2008

You don't have to model full time to be a model

Alot of girls think they have to model full time to get modeling work and of course if you do give your time to find honest modeling work you will but I wouldn't suggest making any drastic changes before you have a good amount of tearsheets and a few modeling agencies consistantly calling you. Alot of girls think they will " be a model" just because they have one modeling agency and have booked one modeling job. I would seriously first think about your modeling goals, create them and consistantly try to update your modeling portfolio. If you are a commercial print model, you CAN work with more than one agency.

Also I think a lot of girls who want to model think that they have to model full time to model. This is not true. Before you change your lifestyle and try to model full time you should have a great portfolio, experience and a good resmume, along with agents.

You should also be marketing yourself to the brands you want to work with when the agent isn't calling. It is unconventional but I think of myself as a business. Just because I didn't get booked for a modeling job today doesn't mean I am not seeking out more work myself.

My style is unconventional, I contact brands, magazines, I spend time researching and I also work part time in pr and marketing and I represent a painter. I enjoy modeling, I am serious about it, but I am realistic. I might not work every week, so I need an income and I need to survive.

In my modeling memoir I talk about giving up my stability for modeling and how I choose to model full time after I graduated college, and looked for modeling work every day and it worked but it was a challenge, a very huge one! And I wouldn't suggest a person model full time unless they have credits, experience and tearsheets to give them proof that it is worth a full time pursuit.

Although the misconception is you have to model full time to get work,and this is not true, you can model with agencies and get a booking or go on a casting and it might not be every single day, or you could have three castings all at once, it is random... and it is important that you can be able to be available and you just need to make sure you DO have your marketing tools, and have a flexible schedule because castings can be anytime and anywhere, I wouldn't suggest trying to model full time unless you also know how to market yourself, submit your cards out to get your own modeling work and have a close relationship with the commercial print modeling agencies you work with.

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