Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What is a Commercial Print Modeling Agency

A commercial print modeling agency is an agency that represents models of all heights, where real looking people, and especially energy and friendly looking people, - who are placed in commercials, print ads, and ad campaigns. These agencies want models that have energy, look fresh faced and like a model with a nice smile, and a lot of personality.
A few examples of a commercial print modeling agency are:

Cunningham Escott
Ugly Models NY
Bella Models
Flaunt Models-
PARTS Models
Rick Miller Agency

Agencies that think modeling is more than the runway, it involves working with brands, it is the commercial world of selling to the consumer that involves models that look like the people who would buy the products. Think home good, and everything from paper products, to computers, to the Dell guy, to the hair commercial.


Lisa said...

I have a question that I would like to ask. Are these agencies reputable and legitimate?

isobella jade said...

Yes these are all good agencies to submit to if you want to do print modeling. In the future if you question if an agency is legit, Google the name of the agency (+) the word scam.

Anonymous said...

I know that all the commercial print models are working on a as needed basis, but is there a way an "average" yearly salary could be figured? If so what would be the salary be?

thank you

Anonymous said...

hi i was wondering if you could list some commercial print modeling agencies that are in los angeles ? thanks.

isobella jade said...

Here is a post on LA Modeling Agencies, I hope it helps, remember to mail the agencies in the postal mail, you come off more professional.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering if you couls list the commercial print modelling agencies in the uk