Thursday, March 13, 2008

There were no Internet Models in the 1960's!

It used to be that average girls in America didn't think about being models. But today many girls can use the Internet and call themselves models because of what appears on the screen after the download,'your a model!' kind of like the AOL voice saying " YOU GOT MAIL!" it is quick and easy but where does it really get you?

While reading the book " The ugly business of beautiful woman" by Michael Gross, I get a visual of what it was like "before" the Internet, before...when the word model meant something different, something that had a fine line between' the average girl in America and a model.

Today the Internet gives many of us a chance to express ourselves and flaunt our photos, but the old fashion way of modeling.

Working with agencies.
Going to go-sees
Going to castings
Getting a compcard
And booking jobs with brands

Still are how it is. Most top brands are not finding their models on the Internet.

Could this change one day. Maybe, but the reason agencies are where the top brands find their models is because there is a feeling of trust. The agency will most likely have great models, who will show up and be great. Finding a model on the web isn't as accepted in the sense of "being legit"... So if you want to model, you will find that. The Internet is great! need a physical person agencies as well, to really book work with top brands.

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