Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Savvy Little Model

As a savvy model I bring ideas to the table, I try to make my photo shoots targeted, I try to stay diverse too….I analyze the areas of modeling which I am good for and I read a lot of industry magazines.

For example, I read magazines like glamour and vogue, but I also read a lot of trade magazines like WWD Intimates, Beauty Store business, footwear Plus.

Did you know for example Hanes underwear is getting more fashionable, trendy, and their latest ad campaign is even humorous and up to date?

Did you know Old Navy is getting more fashion forward?

And Victoria Secret is trying to get back to their roots and have a more sensual look and straying away from the PINK image.

I pay attention to ads and I try to target myself to the areas that are realistic to my success as a model.

I am not America ’s TOP MODEL,and that is NOT my goal. And maybe I am not on a model on the runway, but there is a lot of commercial work I can do as a model,- and as a model I treat the industry like a job, a career, a hunt, a hustle and a pursuit. I am interested in the modeling business, I am not just a model, but I am trying to KNOW how the business work.

Mainly to get work I need good photos and updating them and polishing them is so ever important, they will sell me and that is how I will get work, get an agent, and be able to be a working, and I need quality images that can sell me to an underwear company but also to a commercial print casting for a printing company. It is called Diversity!

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