Saturday, March 1, 2008

Results of the Makeup For Ever Pimp your Lashes Promotion

Well I had an amazing time at the Pimp your Lashes Promotion at Sephora in Time Square yesterday, I love the interactive promo Makeup For Ever has done that allows girls to have their makeup done, have false eye lashes put on and most important: Learn how to apply them! And tricks and hints for making a clean face and not getting glue everywhere!!

By the way when it comes to the selection: Make Up For Ever false lashes are so hot, so unique and creative. So Worth checking out! I have never seen anything like them. They range from 14-18 dollars and they can last up to 5 times and did you know you can in fact re-use them, if you take care of them!?

I thought you just threw them in the trash when you were done!

Well, I never imagined putting on BLUE eye lashes but at the promo I just had to dive in and get creative with it, -it was so hot! And fun I love the way the Makeup For Ever expert, Floriane, colored my eyes. Don't you love the Turquoise eye shadow!?

It's not over either! You can stop by the Sephora Store today until 6pm and get more dazzle for your eyes at the SoHo on Broadway at Sephora.

If you have a shoot today it would also be a good idea to stop by to get your eyes done before your shoot or to learn a thing or two about applying eye lashes for future shoots!

March 1, 12 pm - 6pm
Sephora Soho, New York, NY / Tel: (212) 625-1309
Take the R/W train to Prince for easy access.

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