Monday, March 17, 2008

Real Models and the Microwave Models

Every day the Internet churns out more and more models, it sounds like microwave models to me. When just with a hit another model is made. cooked! And can be scammed.

I suppose that some of these girls see reality shows like American's Next Top Model, and then go the Internet and sign onto modeling sites or modeling network social sites and even pay to join without really understanding what goes into being a model. How to get an agent, what photos they should have. And really end up not modeling at all....just posting a photo of themselves on some random so-called modeling website.

Some girls might want to model for the glamour appeal, to feel wanted, pretty, desired.... or have the idea that modeling is a way to make money and NOT work,but the reality is that modeling is about having confidence...., and to booking work as a model, gaining tearsheets and getting an income as a model is aLOT of work. And it involves a huge hustle, a lot of time, energy and also knowing how to market yourself.

I would stay away from the Internet all together. I would only model if you are doing it for the right reasons. Not because someone else said you should. But because you believe in yourself and want to model because it is a business.

If you are not 5'9" or 5'10", modeling will be a challenge unless you understand the world of commercial print modeling and join it. A commercial print model is a girl who is attractive but meant to give personality to products, ad campaigns, and editorials in magazines.

But we have to face it...if the industry wants tall models, you will have to fight to beat the odds and to find an agency that will represent you, mostly it will be a print agency. It wont be easy all the time, but it is possible.

The real modeling industry isn't based on hit and clicks, and it involves working with modeling agencies and you have to be even more careful in todays' Internet world of jerks, because if the Internet can chrun out models every day on amateur modeling websites and social sites, then you know there are scams on evey corner as well!

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