Friday, March 28, 2008

Paying a modeling agent, or paying for a membership for a modeling social site? Is there a difference

I don't think there is a difference between paying an agent and paying a modeling social site. I think both are wrong. Also for aspiring models a waste of time. I remember there was once Emodels, and now so many others have popped up and tried to take your money by using words and language like

"Be a model!" " Do you want to be a model." " Join now and become a model." " Get seen by castings directors," and so much more jabber about joining a membership which doesn't really get a model anywhere.

I see the links all over Myspace too, for these quick casting services and social sites, where you can join for 30 a month and then get fans and maybe maybe get one acting job as a background actor in a movie...and I am sad to know that other social networks are thinking of ad dollars before the quality in the ads, and the honesty and showcasing these sad sad ads for social modeling and acting website that cost money that isn't worth it.

A website you have to pay to join, and which says, " We will make you a model." Is very full of the word SCAM. And for aspiring models... don't you want more for yourself?

Don't you want to work with quality agents? There are agents out there that will help you get work, without sucking your money, but you might have to pocket a compcard and give them some copies so they can promote you.

Put your money towards your marketing material.

The web is nice...but the real thing. Holding your compcard in your hand and handed it to a casting director is a little different.

Don't be lazy, get involved if you are serious about booking some modeling work. You don't have to pay to get modeling work.

Just get a compcard and market yourself in honest ways that get you ahead

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