Monday, March 17, 2008

Not booking enough modeling work? It could be your photos

So you have a modeling agency, you have booked a few modeling jobs, but it feels like you are not getting enough modeling work, could be your photos.
When one of my agencies said to me, " We got your compcard but we haven't heard anything on it."

This doesn't mean you are not a good model. It might just mean your photos don't show you a good one.

So I ask my agent a couple of things to improve myself as a model:
" What do you think works for me as a model."
Is it your smile? Your energy, your great body? Everything?

"What type of jobs are you marketing me for?"
Are your cards being mailed to magazines, product ads, what type of brands and jobs?
This can tell you how you should target your photos, if you agent says " I ams ending you oncastings for fitness and beauty and print work," thThen you might want to think about creating some more photos that target you better to these type of jobs.

Something you are not booking enough work because your compcard, your markteting material isn't speaking enough about the model you ARE.

I think it is good to communicate with your agent and to let them know the type of jobs you want, and you should KNOW what type of work the agent wants to submit you to.

For example: if you think you should be in a bikini, but your agent is marketing you to teen magazines, or more conservative brands and jobs...then you won't get booked. So your modeling compcard should represent the model you are, and the model your agency is sending you out to be and represent. Communicate with your agent, agents, and bookers. If you work with more than one agency then you might need to make more than one card.

A cheap place to make cards is where you can test out cards for like 35 bucks and if you like it, if your agent likes it, you can order more.

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