Thursday, March 20, 2008

Modeling Tips: Speaking to the Brands and Magazine

Modeling for yourself can mean self promotion and this means being able to get intouch with brands and magazines.

Hear are some hints for getting intouch with brands:

1. Draft a plan with a letter, include a photo that targets the brand you are trying to reach, if it is a shoe comapny, have a nice photo of your feet in a shoe similar to the brands style.
2. Research the pr/marketing, and creative sides of the business by asking in your email to direct the email to the pr/marketing department.
3. Suggest meeting with them to show your portfolio or to mail them a compcard.
4. Be Bold! Don't be afraid to contact brands blunty and ask "how do you pick your models?" What agencies do you work with?"

When it comes to submitting yourself to magazines, submit to all kinds, do not limit yourself to just one kind, but also make sure your photos match the theme of the magazine you are submitting to,-think of travel, fashion, lifestyle, cooking, craft...all types of magazines, and submit your modeling compcard to the photo editor or photo researcher which can be found in the front of the magazine. All magazines has a Masthead, a place that mentioned the editors and photo editors.

Pick one and cross your fingers! It can work! Self promotion is worth it!

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