Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Modeling photoshoot tips: Planning your own Photo shoots

Above is a photo of when I was preparing for a photo shoot I did at a boxing gym. There is no harm in asking a location if you could do a shoot but here are some tips when it comes to location scouting and planning your own shoots.

1. Pick a location that isn't high traffic 24/7.
2. Ask kindly if you could do a photo shoot at the location in exchange for giving the location photos they can use for their advertising.
3. you can find a location, like a salon, even a shoe store, lounge, or spa, without paying but you have to be able to provide them with images or at least credit if the photos are ever published.
4. Work with a photographer who is comfortable with shooting and giving photos in exchange for the location space.
5. Usually a 2-4 hour time span is all you should ask for.
6. Plan ahead because time is precious and you want to have a plan for your shoot
7. Offer to buy the owner or manager of the location lunch, or to give them the images as soon as possible to show your respect and thankfulness.
8. Make sure you speak to the photographer ahead of time about what you want and that you will in fact get images. (Once I worked with a photographer and had the location, the other models, and even barrowed clothing, and the photographer never gave me photos. He was a jerk! It was a mess!)
9. Create a theme for the shoot and keep it simple but fun, if the location has a website where you can view the inside then look at it for ideas or see if you can visit the location to get inspired before the shoot.
10. It is always worth a shot to try to ask to use a space. Sometimes you will get no’s but that doesn’t mean you should not try. You should always be active within your pursuits.

And usually if you tell a photographer you want to work with " I have a location!"

They will usually be interested or at least think higher of you for doing the work!

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