Sunday, March 23, 2008

Modeling mistakes and No No's

If you want to be a commercial print model, and you want to let each job count, then stay away from jobs like these, which I found on the Internet and which are not going to lead you to be representing commercial brands and products:

(there are many postings with titles like this on the web, so be weary) If it sounds is! I can't believe these are REAL postings and girls are falling for this, it is scary so becareful. The money isn't worth it, and if you want to be a commercial print model, or a body pats model, there are ways to make a lot of money by working with brands and legit commercial print agencies. It is better to wait and get a good agent, then rush and get scammed.

1. bondage modeling
2. Choc'LateCherries Model Open Call! (females only)
3. Seek GORGEOUS Actress For "Sexy Hypnosis" Video PG-13 HIGH PAY
4. Dark Skinned Male Models For Erotic Photoshoot
5. Women Wanted for UNIQUE Dressed/Undressed Photo Set!!!!

What I would do is when searching for modeling work online use keywords and search words like ' Print" or commercial" or magazine. And at least some better jobs will pop up!

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Choc'LateCherries said...

As a former commercial model -I think it is very important to advise up and coming models about potential scams in this business because there are too many to count. However, it is probably best to be sure that you are not committing LIBEL because you haven't done proper research or made a wrong assumption about a posting.

My sister and I are the founders of a very young but growing fashion & entertainment company: Choc'LateCherries™ LLC. Yes, we are a legitimate business and corporation with a number of growing divisions started based on our previous experiences and interests in the industry.

One of our divisions, The Choc'LateFactory™, is a talent development and management division. We represent ethnic models (male, female and kids) as well as stylists (wardrobe & hair) and make-up artists. Previous clients have included BET, MTV, Roc-A-Wear, AppleBottoms, Akademiks, Vibe Magazine, XXL Magazine, Shape Magazine, as well as host of up and coming designers, photographers & musicians. Albeit, not an overly impressive client list, we are proud of the work we've accomplished in such a short time.

While we are a relatively unknown AND small company----we are, first and foremost, honest, hardworking and helpful to underrepresented minority talent trying to get their foot in the door of this crazy industry. In an effort to build our roster of talent, we are continuously having open calls---such as the posting you refer to where we are specifically looking for female models. Currently, we primarily represent models that meet standard high-fashion criteria. We do not lead talent to believe success happens overnight. We also do not solicit money from our talent or encourage them to take sketchy assignments. (FYI aspiring models reading: If anyone asks you for money to represent you---run- don't walk, in the opposite direction.)

You should not make erroneous assumptions and statements merely based on the name of our company---which actually stems from the name of our clothing line. I started The Choc'LateFactory™ division primarily because of my own horrible scam experiences in the industry--and felt I wanted to provide opportunities to talented individuals that perhaps may not get a fair shake at some of the larger talent or modeling agencies.

That said, I can understand and appreciate the sentiment behind this blog. However, kindly, remove our posting as an example of a "scam". We take our reputation, still in infancy stages, very seriously and will not hesitate to contact our lawyer.


Choc'LateCherries LLC

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