Sunday, March 23, 2008

Modeling Jobs: being selective about the modeling jobs you accept is a Good idea

While trying to get some experience as an aspiring model you may seek out approaching asipring brands and companies that might need a model, a local hair salon, a boutique store, a jewelry designer.

However when it comes to Internet castings, ALWAYS be careful, alot of jobs that might sound good but really are a waste of your time. Here are some tips for weeding out the crap and finding the quality in your modeling jobs.

1. Does the job explain what is Totally involved? Such as time, rate, details, usage, what is this job for? What are they looking for? Is this a job you think would benefit your resume?

2. Think about where you want to be? think of the modeling job posting and you can judge if it will help you be where you want to be? Don't be desperate for a modeling job, agent, etc, that you waste your time or do something that could even hurt your pursuits.

3. Should you work for free or copy and credit? Well, this depends on if the experience is a benefit to your goals, and if the job is going to get you:

A. Great Photos or a great tearsheet that fits your modeling goals
B. Great Experience
C. An opportunity that will to lead to more modeling jobs

((ALSO it is a good idea to get things written in EMAIL, so you have a record to what the job is suppose to involve, the pay, who is involved...compared to just a voicemail))))

4. Ask questions and don't feel weird if it means you have email 5 times to get the answer you want. Traveling, and preparing for a shoot or project that is a waste of time is worth knowing a head of time. So ask questions always and be careful of scams.

5. It is easy to just accept a modeling job or apply to one before really understanding what the jobs is, so know what the job involves, what is the product, what is this modeling job for, where will the images be used, what is the rate? Ask questions! You should know this information before you take on the job. Don't just accept a job to be doing a job, only accept an opportunity than is an opportunity for growth and opportunities for your goals.

When you are marketing yourself it can be a challenge to weed out the crap but think big, think about your goals and ask yourself " HOW WILL THIS OPPORTUNITY LEAD TO MORE?" Will this credit lead to more experience and exposure? WILL this job help me get closer to my goals...or is this a waste of time?


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