Thursday, March 13, 2008

Modeling Full Time...Should you Do it?

Modeling full time could bring some trouble and unless you do have some sort of backup plan or the ability to really research your own work then I would wait until you have built your modeling book. Because when you start to feel desperate or need to pay might end up doing a modeling job you will regret.
The Internet is an easy way into calling yourself a model. But it isn't really modeling. Until there is a product in your hand. It isn't really modeling.
And in life... if you do anything just for money, then you are selling yourself in a bad way.

The thing you should do is understand that :Beyond the fashion agencies there are commercial print modeling agencies and there is a way to get modeling work without only relying on the web and without disgracing your self. It is important to build your portfolio and focus on your images. Being realistic and accepting the type of model you should be. It might not be a fashion model or a model on a billboard, but if you really think you can be a model, it might mean being a hand model, a model for print, a modeling for editorial work, (in magazines). Hair modeling, leg modeling, shoe modeling. Ask yourself...what type of model am I?

Modeling isn't just wearing a thong and smiling. It involves working with brands. Think about what modeling was before the Internet? That is how you can see how modeling is about the brands, the products, ...then...and now.

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