Monday, March 3, 2008

Modeling for All Heights

There is modeling work out there for you, but alot of the time it comes down to seeking it out. The Interneth as made it so any girl can try to be a model with a few clicks, and it means that you have to fight even harder sometimes to make your mark and get ahead, get an agent, and book modeling work. The best way to get work is to be realistic with yourself and to understand that while it might be fun to 'call yourself on a model on the Internet'- the truth is Internet modeling is limited, and the real way to get ahead is to get a compcard and mail it out, approach brands and agencies, and magazines, and try to get exposed modeling something, a product! No matter what type of modeling you want to do, whether it is glamour model, or fitness modeling, hand modeling, shoe modeling, fashion modeling, runway, print modeling, there is modeling work out there for models of all heights. You just have to seek it out and seriously try. This week on my modeling pod cast called Model Talk, I will be discussing how to Make your Photoshoots count and how to not waste time as an aspiring model.

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