Thursday, March 20, 2008

Modeling Confessions: Marketing yourself

I had mailed out the last of my compcards. I was broke, and using websites like Craigslist. My agents hadn't called in weeks. I had used whatever stamps I had and I really needed to order new compcards, instead I paid rent and kept emailing and trying to build my portfolio,- and then a new agency called me out of the blue. I was sent to a casting and booked it! It was a job for a national ad campaign.

When I finally got paid for the modeling job, because it can take up to 6 weeks, or more, I spent some of the money on new compcards. And got busy again mailing them out, a fresh patch to promote myself more.

As a model, an aspiring model, you have to invest in yourself. Working with agencies doesn't mean they will call every day, or every hour, so you need to invest in your self and promote yourself as much as you can.

-isobella jade, this experience was in 2005

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