Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Modeling Compcard tips and tricks

Making a compcard isn't just handing over your photos and BAM! It does take some thought. Right now I am creating a body parts card through compcard.com and it is really easy because you just download the photos and then explain what you want and then see the compcard on your own little profile page but when it comes to the design, what to include, what not to include, and the stats here are some tips:

1. OOPS! Your Name and Contact info: You don't want to put your full name. I usually just put Isobella. Also since I am going to be giving these cards to my modeling agents, I do not put my phone number on my card, and I do not put my website. Because the agency wll give you stickers with their contact info on it for when you go to castings and go-sees, and also you might work with more than one agency and when you are making your card, you might want to give it to more than one agency, especially if you are mailing out the cards and trying to get representation, you don't want to show another agencies number on the card.

Also: A website is nice to have but it can also look unprofessional to an agent if the website isn't well done and classy.

If you do not have an agent and you are freelancing another reason to NOT put your website and phone number on the card is because you might end up giving your card to someone you might not be 100 percent sure of, you might drop them or leave them somewhere and you don't want to have some random person calling you or harassing you over your photos.

2. So many Images! Picking your favorite 4 images that would fit balanced on the back of the card is so typical. I think less is More..so I usually only have been picking 3 photos on the back. A photo with length to show my legs, and a nice energy shot and then a beauty or tearsheet shot is my style! It looks cluttered if you do over board of images. No matter what stick to only 3-4 images. More than that makes your card look stuffy and it makes you look too diverse.

3. Being Diverse enough: As a commerical print model, you don't need a fashion shot but you might want to include a shot that involves products, looks like ads and editorials or magazine covers. Style your shoots with accessories, don't over do it but keep in mind the type of modeling you want to do and shoot!

4. Stats: Can I lie about my height? - Adding an inch won't kiss you, but make sure you have the look to fake it. It you add an inch to your height make sure your photos show that you photograph at that height at least! Looking longer. I photograph tall but then again I don't put 5'7" or 5'8" on my card...when I am really 4 inches shorter. That is too much of a gap.

Also remember: If you are petite, you should be focusing on Commercial print modeling, that is where the opporunity is for you and for commercial print modeling height is NOT such an issue so you can be honest for who you really are!

Isn't that refreshing!

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