Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tips for Finding a Modeling Agency

Getting a modeling agency on your side and getting representation for your modeling pursuits can be a challege. But if you have commercial print styled images you will find that is easy to get a modeling agency.

Beyond the bigger agencies, or bigger known, like Elite, and Ford, there are also commercial print modeling agencies that book really quality work for models of all size.

The best thing to do is to google, commercial print modeling agencies, but then before you send your photos or any old photo of yourself, you need to really plan.

1. Are you photos showing energy?
2. Do you have a nice clean headshot?
3. Do you look like a model modeling with a brand or product?
4. Are you showing enough diversity.
5. Showing diversity can mean:
Showing an athletic shot, or a shot of movement, an action, could be dancing, or could be a body shot of yourself in a bathingsuit or pair of jeans. It is good to cover them all and they don't all have to be perfect, perfect,...just make sure they look like an ad, or editorial. A photo that says, " I can work a product and also tell a story." In editorials and ad campaigns you will be doing all types of things, recently I had to splash around and pretend to jump in a rain puddle, other days I am posing with a handbag or accessory product. So knowing how to manage all types of atmospheres and even the unexpected is important to show an agent.

Then submit your compcard. Or photos to an agency and keep trying. Sometimes it can take up to three or more times before you can a call back. But keep trying!

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