Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Modeling Advice: Modeling Only for the right reasons

Like an artistic trade modeling is a pursuit. Beyond the fashion wrold, modeling has many branches and is not limited to just 'one type of model'. Yet a lot of girls model for the wrong reasons. And this ends up bringing the girls nothing in return. No tearsheets, no agent, no real modeling work. It seems that everyone wants to be a model, but getting there, being a model, working as a model is another story. Well..if you are an unconventional model. Not 5'10", not in the fashion world...don't get discouraged, but do understand Where you do fit into the modeling mix and where you can indeed get modeling work with magazines and brands. To dive into being a model, you have to focus on "where you realistically can get modeling work." And " do you have marketing material to give agents, brands and submit out?"

Another hint is:
Model because you know you are a good model.
Model because you can bring energy, personality and a great look to the shoot, project, commercial, ect.
Model and understand what it means to self serve.
Model and know how to market yourself.

Every artistic trade and pursuit means knowing how to market yourself, it is like understanding how to start a business, and that business being you.

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