Thursday, March 20, 2008

Modeling & Acting Advice for Infront of Camera

During my first TV background job, I was on the set of ED and I didn't even the know the camera was on me. But it was! And I got my first credit on my acting resume when the show segment aired and my face was the expression seen for a few seconds. I was just another background actor, but even being a background actor you can grow your resume and it can lead to more, here are some tips for being in front of the camera on a film or video, or TV set.

1. Know where the camera is!
2. Try to give off a natural look and pose
3. Try to understand the mood of the scene, what are the main characters doing and when the Production assistant tells you to "pretend" you are talking, dancing, or drinking, playing golf, whatever...try to do it in a natural way.
4. Being aware of the camera, the scene, and the theme of the scene can lead you to more exposure. Does your outfit match the scene, are you really melting into the atmosphere and trying to be apart of it?

When it comes to photos, and photo shoots, the same applies. Being receptive to the camera, the scene, the atmosphere of the editorial, ad campaign, the modeling job is important as well. Knowing how to model that shoe, and pose with that beverage, -If you try to be more 'apart' of the will!

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