Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Modeling Advice: The Business of Modeling and Marketing Yourself

I think of modeling as a business. I don't think of it as "time to be a rag doll," and " drink coffee and just sit there." I think of modeling as a business, and I always think about the agency perspective, " what agencies should I target myself toward, and what photos would work best for me to market myself." And I think about the client perspective..."what type of models do they want, and why?"

I am not afraid to approach a photographer with an idea, and in a world of hits and clicks and the Internet baby and models obsessions, it is hard to sometimes pin point "who is the jerk," and "who is professional?"

When you want to market yourself as a model, get an agent,book modeling work in magazines or work with brands,...sometimes being a NEW FACE, can be against you.
You want to show you have some experience, that you are a good model, and you need to take into your own matters and make it happen. This can mean approaching photographers, researching locations for shoots, and not settling for the BS that is on the web. And really trying to find quality people to work with. Here is a hint:
If you think the agent, agency or job is below you...it probably is...if the agency is charging you or you are not sure about the agency try to google them and then the word SCAM..or try the Better Business Bureaus-you can quickly find out if the company, agency, photographer, etc, is a waste of your time.

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