Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Model you want to be

The internet helps make it possible for the average girl in America to be a model or call herself one, and all of these girls want to know how can they get ahead, how can they get an agent and how can they get modeling work.

It all comes down to two things really…your quality of photos and your ambition.

We have all seen ads that have inspired us to say “ Mmm that could be me.” But making it you is another story.

Whether you are refered to a photographer or making your own connections from a social modeling networking site you have to be careful and picky of who you work with. Your goal should be to make each photo shoot count.
And you should ask yourself before you shoot these two things

1. What is the goal of this photoshoot
2. How can I plan to get the images I need

Girls shoot for a few reasons. – To boost their ego, To gain experience, and to build your book. It should be the last two…before the first one.

The more you make your photos look like the ads, editorials, magazine, and like the model you WANT TO BE…the more you will have photos that will get you places.

We have all heard of GWC’s Guys with Camera’s- who just shoot models they find on the Internet modeling sites and really have no ambition to really help the model or themselves. And these are the type of people you should stay away from.

Some of them should have their camera’s broke infront of them!!!!

I take modeling really seriously and I don’t waste time with people who aren’t ambitious, who don’t have ideas, and who aren’t talented.

If you are trying to create good images you need to be picky with who you work with….You might be shooting less but the quality will be higher.

You need photos that target you as the model you should be.

Such as: Commercial print modeling, glamour modeling, body parts modeling.

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