Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Master retoucher Pascal Dangin has some Posing and Photoshop tips for the Models

While reading the March issue of Allure magazine I read a very interesting article based on The Perfectionist: Pascal Dangin.

His photoshop tips can also be for aspiring models who want to know how to clean up their shots in a nice way, and not over doing it with the shadow tool.

Quoted from Allure magazine, "Most of us don't have access to a retoucher. But there lots of things that Dangin can address about looking better in photographs."

"Always position yourself slightly below the photographer. "Pictures taken from above have a tendency to make the figure look much better and face more prominent. From below the body looks bigger in proportion to the face."

Don't where white! The photo will show, " a face sitting on a big white space."

Pascal continues by including, "Apply normal makeup. Exaggerating it with layers of lipstick, blush, foundation, and heavy liner is a "false idea," a remnant of a different era of technology."

Finally he mentioned "For your own digital photographs, use your Photoshop or other software to reduce the satturation. "If you have highly saturated color ( bright color) it means you're removing differences of tone within colors. The picture looks flat."

I loved his perspective and I like that it can apply to aspiring models!

Thanks Pascal!

ALSO WHITE MAKES YOU LOOK HEAVIER, unless it is a nice summer dress-AND natural makeup for commercial print models is best, of course you can add mascara and liner but don't make it dramtic, think of a skincare ad or hair care ad for Revlon. It is usually really pretty and natural. Also...don't forget to sometimes test the photos you take in black and white...I love black and white editorial style photos that look timeless. Fashion shotos are dramtic and dreamy an illusion sometimes, but advertising and reality is seen more and more in commercial ad. Advertising is becoming more commercial and your photos as a commercial print model should speak but not yell! Unless of course that is the theme of the shoot you are going for?

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Thank you for posting this informative tips, this is really great for my image retoucher business. I love it!