Monday, March 17, 2008

Making your Modeling Photos Book you Modeling Work

When it comes to making photos for your card, think about the jobs you want, but also consider the jobs you can realistically get...make sure your modeling photos represent you and where you want to be and show your diversity.

We all fib alittle about our height, but what really matters more is your look, your photos and what you are showing.

If you are petite but have nice legs, hands, eyes, hair, then show them all. Look at magazine editorials to get inspired. Editorials include the images that go with a story and also the fashion stories but consider all types.

From hand modeling to hair modeling to shoe modeling, it is good to show in your photos the work you want to get, even if you have never booked it before.

Be creative in your images but keep them looking like ads and editorials. A nice clean headshot with your makeup done to look fresh is always nice, and a body shot could just be you lifting a dumbbell, or jumping in the air in your bikini.

Marketing yourself comes with having your marketing material. You know all the ads and products you want to model for, so try to work with photographers who can give you the images YOU need to help you book the jobs YOU WANT.

Self promotion means mailing, and calling and not giving up.

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