Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Makeup For Ever Gold Goes a long way

Makeup For Ever has hot makeup for models to consider. I love single eyeshadows and shimmers, and enclosed is a photo of myself getting my makeup done by a Makeup For Ever expert at the Pimp yoru Lashes promo last week, and that day I purchased an eye shadow shimmer called Star Powder. This gold color is great to wake up your look and add some life to your face. I like putting it on my lids and also lining my eye with it. Also if you are feeling tired a little dab can bring some highlight to your eyes.

For twenty bucks you might feel like it is a lot as you whip out your credit card, but for this hot twinkle you only need a few dabs to get the jobs done, which means the product lasts! And a model needs to keep her face aglow!

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