Friday, March 14, 2008

How to find a Petite Modeling Agency?

Recently a girl on Myspace asked me about "how can she find a petite modeling agency."

Maybe you are interested in modeling but you think you are too short? Maybe you aren't sure what agencies would accept a petite model? Maybe you don't know how to get started modeling?

Well here are some tips based on my personal experience:

1. Instead of petite modeling agencies, you are looking for print modeling agencies, commercial print agencies, that work with models of all sizes. You must be driven because the height will ALWAYS be an issue but if you make your photos targeted around jobs that a model of any height can get 9 such as hand bags, jewelry, commercial products, like holding a coffee cup)-seriously you can get modeling work.

There are people modeling for banks, soda, nail and beauty brands, and it can be you. Think of modeling as selling a brand, a product, so you need to include these products in your shoots. Make yourself a model who is great to model shoes, handbags, hair products, etc. And show it in your photos. A print agency will like it. A fashion agency might not, but a print agent will!

Google: commercial print modeling agency + then your hometown. Or print models, + modeling agency. Or there is a list on the side of my blog that can give you some hints. If the models on the agency website look like you...then that is the agency you should submit to. Agencys like FORD and Elite are very picky, ful lof standards, but the commercial print model, it needed and in demand at talent agencies and commercial print agencies.

2. Build your own resume and portfolio to get ahead: An agent wants to see that you can work. So it would be a good idea to seek out some of your own modeling work, with newspapers, magazines, and brands big and small. You can start by putting together a nice selection of diverse photos that look like ads and editorials and making a compcard and mailing it out to some magazines or newspaper in your home town. Or photographers, or brands that might need models. The big thing is to get a tearsheet, get some proof that you can model, and that you can book work.

3. Make the agent want to work with you: This means, bring more than just a photo of yourself smiling. Bring energy, bring even tearsheets you have gained from seeking out your own modeling work. Bring compcards, bring a portfolio of about 10 great images to meet them. And call, research, email, and market yourself to modeling agencies that WANT energetic models, with personality.

Model is such a broad word. But to me, modeling is about working with a brand, working with a product, and being apart of the marketing process by using your look, your energy, your natural self to sell it. It could be a sock, or lip stick. But it is about you working aside brands.

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