Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting Over the Internet Model

It is so easy to just grab a camera and call your self a model in a matter of seconds on the Internet modeling websites out there, but no matter what country you live in, what part of town, or what size of city, there is modeling work out there, it might not come on the pages of Vogue on the runway at Bryant Park or in Italy, or Paris, but there is a lot of modeling out there for the commercial print model of all sizes.

what is your modeling perspective? Do you know modeling is many things? Are you only shooting your self in the same sort of outfit and the same sort of pose? Are you getting some modeling work and tear sheets or just shooting?

I know first hand that entering the modeling business as the underdog is a challenge, I wrote a book all about it, about googling and trying, and over and over promoting myself, and I still do it, and I love it, but I am now doing it with a perspective about WHAT I CAN Actually model, and accepting the areas of modeling that work for me! Being a model is not just the runway, not just fashion, it is so many things, and the petite model can get modeling work and an agent, but you might not be working with a high fashion modeling agency, it might be hair modeling, or hand modeling, or shoe modeling. But if you want to model, then you want to sell, because modeling is selling something...a printer even for Staples.

What kind of model are you?

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