Sunday, March 2, 2008

Getting a Modeling Agent and Getting Modeling work

So maybe we wont be discovered by a modeling agent on the streets of Paris, but we can make ourselves a model if we want to. What is good is that today modeling agencies are looking for models all the time, and the commercial print modeling world is bigger than you might think. A new perspective can be found by considering print agencies and talent agencies. Agencies that deal with models with personality, not just height. The best thing to do is target yourself to agencies and to do it with photos that represent the type of work you would be great for.
Getting a modeling agent can be easy, but also it can take up to three or more mailings to finally get one, but if you are persistant and keep mailing your photos out and promoting your self you will get an agent and modeling agency.

I think it is also a good idea to try to book some modeling work and get a little experience and mail your photos to magazines and try to find brands and aspiring brands you can work with to get some modeling work first. It helps especially if you are petite to show an agent or modeling agency that you can model and that you have before.

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