Sunday, March 23, 2008

Confidence is Key for Modeling

It's not Can I be a Model, it's I believe I can be a model. You confidence shines and it is what agents, casting directors and photographers want to see. No matter your height stand tall, walk proud and love you for you, when it comes to your modeling photo shoots, bring ideas to your shoots, be on time, and take your pursuits seriously. Just like in sports, you don't slack off at practice do you? Same approach. Learn your craft, study it, purusue it and try to get the best representation you can. You might think it is impossible to get a modeling agent, well... high fashion might be out! But there is a lot of work a commercial print model can do or a body parts model can do! Don't limit your opportunity by being narrow minded. Let opportunity happen for yourself by accepting what you are not, and chasing the opportunity that is out there waiting for you!

Let your confidence book you work as a model.

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