Monday, March 24, 2008

Body Part Modeling, Who says being petite is bad?

I am putting together my new body part card right now and the experience is inspiring me to talk about posing to look taller and walking like a model. My body part card will consist of a shot of my back, my legs, a tearsheet from a shoe modeling job I did with Marshalls and a had modeling shot I did for an editorial in Bon Appetit magazine. I think showing tearsheets is important for your compcard but if you don't have any then try to structure your shots to be based around looking like ads and imagine the tearsheet you want to get and try to make your photo shoots look like it, when it comes to hands, legs, and feet, remember never to crop photos at the bend of limbs because it will make you look taller. It is also helpful to wear pointy shoes or heels, and point your toe when shooting your legs, stretching your legs out can make them look long obviously but pointing your toe can add a few inches! For hands, remember pinky in, and put your fingers romantically placed: As in delicate. Remember ALL of your body parts can speak, and tell a story...not just your lips.

You can also catch me in Nylon magazine's April 2008 issue talking about body part modeling.

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