Monday, March 10, 2008

Body Creams for Body Part Models

While flying Jetblue over the weekend the whole flight received really handy handcream from Dove, the sample of Cream Oil really impressed me. I loved that it fit great in my purse and I was sold on the product in a matter of seconds. It wasn't too creamy, but a perfect texture.

If you like lotion that goes on quick and has a light feel( of course you do!) then another handcream brand I discovered today after a manicure at Sweet Lily Spa on West Broadway is called: Gilden Tree, this is a great cream, 95% shea butter and whatever the other 5 % is, is something good! It gives the hands and body a nice light shine and glow too.

Having a small squirt of hand cream is important especially because modeling castings can happen any time and sometimes at the last minute.

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