Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Be a Smart Model, not a Dumb Model

Being a smart model can mean the difference between booking modeling work and not. Being staying an a matuer model and being a professional model. What does the word professional mean anyways!?

Professional to me means, I am serious and driven about my modeling pursuits, I promote myself and network and do true research to get ahead. I am not afraid to mail my compcards out and take a stand for the goals I have. I don't wait for the phone to ring and I try to sell myself as a model for work I KNOW I can do.

And although I have agents, on days my phone isn't ringing I am still seeking out my own modeling work and approaching brands and magazines, planning test shoots and doing more than staring at my Myspace page, or website.

The Internet has changed the word model and now that so many girls want to be a model is shows that there is something unique going on. But there is a fine line between the serious and the sillies. The ones who are wanna-be's and the ones who are really trying to get an agent, get modeling work, get a modeling portfolio. Something that strives on hope and the chance of getting exposed. But I don't just model for the heck of it, this isn't just an ego trip for me.... I model because I know I am a good model and I can get the job done...whether it is hand modeling or a close up.

What about you?

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