Monday, March 31, 2008

Model Talk: Swimwear and my favorite swimwear poses

This week on Model Talk, I will be sharing my favorite swimwmear of 2008 and also my favorite swimwear model poses!

Tune in this coming Weds at 8pm!

isobella jade

You don't have to model full time to be a model

Alot of girls think they have to model full time to get modeling work and of course if you do give your time to find honest modeling work you will but I wouldn't suggest making any drastic changes before you have a good amount of tearsheets and a few modeling agencies consistantly calling you. Alot of girls think they will " be a model" just because they have one modeling agency and have booked one modeling job. I would seriously first think about your modeling goals, create them and consistantly try to update your modeling portfolio. If you are a commercial print model, you CAN work with more than one agency.

Also I think a lot of girls who want to model think that they have to model full time to model. This is not true. Before you change your lifestyle and try to model full time you should have a great portfolio, experience and a good resmume, along with agents.

You should also be marketing yourself to the brands you want to work with when the agent isn't calling. It is unconventional but I think of myself as a business. Just because I didn't get booked for a modeling job today doesn't mean I am not seeking out more work myself.

My style is unconventional, I contact brands, magazines, I spend time researching and I also work part time in pr and marketing and I represent a painter. I enjoy modeling, I am serious about it, but I am realistic. I might not work every week, so I need an income and I need to survive.

In my modeling memoir I talk about giving up my stability for modeling and how I choose to model full time after I graduated college, and looked for modeling work every day and it worked but it was a challenge, a very huge one! And I wouldn't suggest a person model full time unless they have credits, experience and tearsheets to give them proof that it is worth a full time pursuit.

Although the misconception is you have to model full time to get work,and this is not true, you can model with agencies and get a booking or go on a casting and it might not be every single day, or you could have three castings all at once, it is random... and it is important that you can be able to be available and you just need to make sure you DO have your marketing tools, and have a flexible schedule because castings can be anytime and anywhere, I wouldn't suggest trying to model full time unless you also know how to market yourself, submit your cards out to get your own modeling work and have a close relationship with the commercial print modeling agencies you work with.

Modeling tips: Marketing Yourself

Everyone needs promotion, every brand, magazine, every product, so if you think of yourself as a product, you will see how important it is to believe in yourself and also have your marketing tools to aside your pursuits. A handbag designer needs marketing material, a painter, a designer, even an auto shop! With or without a modeling agency you might be thinking " how can I get modeling work?"
Well it has to do with your own marketing you are doing of yourself. In an Internet world being discovered isn't as popular as Making It Happen for Yourself.

Well of course there are websites like Craigslist and plenty of modeling networking websites, to look into, but they come with precaution. There are tons of scams out there. The best thing to do is to get your marketing tools, to do your research of print modeing agencies and to market yourself to these agencies that are realistically working with models of all heights. It is easy to get an agent, modeling agency that works with models of all heights, like commercial print agencies. Agencies that work with "attractive real life looking people," and submit them your modeling compcard.

If you don't think you can model, then you shouldn't. Because a lot of modeling is believe in you and having confidence.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Paying a modeling agent, or paying for a membership for a modeling social site? Is there a difference

I don't think there is a difference between paying an agent and paying a modeling social site. I think both are wrong. Also for aspiring models a waste of time. I remember there was once Emodels, and now so many others have popped up and tried to take your money by using words and language like

"Be a model!" " Do you want to be a model." " Join now and become a model." " Get seen by castings directors," and so much more jabber about joining a membership which doesn't really get a model anywhere.

I see the links all over Myspace too, for these quick casting services and social sites, where you can join for 30 a month and then get fans and maybe maybe get one acting job as a background actor in a movie...and I am sad to know that other social networks are thinking of ad dollars before the quality in the ads, and the honesty and showcasing these sad sad ads for social modeling and acting website that cost money that isn't worth it.

A website you have to pay to join, and which says, " We will make you a model." Is very full of the word SCAM. And for aspiring models... don't you want more for yourself?

Don't you want to work with quality agents? There are agents out there that will help you get work, without sucking your money, but you might have to pocket a compcard and give them some copies so they can promote you.

Put your money towards your marketing material.

The web is nice...but the real thing. Holding your compcard in your hand and handed it to a casting director is a little different.

Don't be lazy, get involved if you are serious about booking some modeling work. You don't have to pay to get modeling work.

Just get a compcard and market yourself in honest ways that get you ahead

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Importance of Gaining Tearsheets

The importance of working with brands and magazines is because it will also help you get an agent. I always suggest that an aspiring model should try to self promote herself to aspiring brands and also magazines as well. A tearsheet can help you get in the door because it shows:

You have experience infront of the camera
You have worked in a professional environment
You are serious and driven abotu your modeling pursuits
It proves you have worked as a model.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Model at every age! Model Talk tonight at 8pm

Tune in to MODEL TALK at 8pm tonight to hear Isobella Jade speak about how it is possible to model at every age.

Also..did you know dogs are models too and need doggy body doubles? They do!
My friend's dog is a model!

Peter Phillips shares some Makeup tips in Allure magazine

I also enjoyed reading Peter Phillips tips on how to be inventive with your eye shadow when it said, "A neutral brown eye shadow which can be used for eyebrow color or eyeliner with a wet brush, or blend for soft brown smoky eyes."

I love using q-tips to not just clean up my face and makeup mistakes but I use it to dab into my dark brown eyeshadow and grace it across my eyebrows for a more bold look, I usually do a lighter lipstick or gloss, lightbrush, I like to let my brows and eyes stand out... I try to cover my forward with my swooping bangs and I love experimenting with blues, purples, and golds for eyeshadows.

Master retoucher Pascal Dangin has some Posing and Photoshop tips for the Models

While reading the March issue of Allure magazine I read a very interesting article based on The Perfectionist: Pascal Dangin.

His photoshop tips can also be for aspiring models who want to know how to clean up their shots in a nice way, and not over doing it with the shadow tool.

Quoted from Allure magazine, "Most of us don't have access to a retoucher. But there lots of things that Dangin can address about looking better in photographs."

"Always position yourself slightly below the photographer. "Pictures taken from above have a tendency to make the figure look much better and face more prominent. From below the body looks bigger in proportion to the face."

Don't where white! The photo will show, " a face sitting on a big white space."

Pascal continues by including, "Apply normal makeup. Exaggerating it with layers of lipstick, blush, foundation, and heavy liner is a "false idea," a remnant of a different era of technology."

Finally he mentioned "For your own digital photographs, use your Photoshop or other software to reduce the satturation. "If you have highly saturated color ( bright color) it means you're removing differences of tone within colors. The picture looks flat."

I loved his perspective and I like that it can apply to aspiring models!

Thanks Pascal!

ALSO WHITE MAKES YOU LOOK HEAVIER, unless it is a nice summer dress-AND natural makeup for commercial print models is best, of course you can add mascara and liner but don't make it dramtic, think of a skincare ad or hair care ad for Revlon. It is usually really pretty and natural. Also...don't forget to sometimes test the photos you take in black and white...I love black and white editorial style photos that look timeless. Fashion shotos are dramtic and dreamy an illusion sometimes, but advertising and reality is seen more and more in commercial ad. Advertising is becoming more commercial and your photos as a commercial print model should speak but not yell! Unless of course that is the theme of the shoot you are going for?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Modeling Compcard tips and tricks

Making a compcard isn't just handing over your photos and BAM! It does take some thought. Right now I am creating a body parts card through and it is really easy because you just download the photos and then explain what you want and then see the compcard on your own little profile page but when it comes to the design, what to include, what not to include, and the stats here are some tips:

1. OOPS! Your Name and Contact info: You don't want to put your full name. I usually just put Isobella. Also since I am going to be giving these cards to my modeling agents, I do not put my phone number on my card, and I do not put my website. Because the agency wll give you stickers with their contact info on it for when you go to castings and go-sees, and also you might work with more than one agency and when you are making your card, you might want to give it to more than one agency, especially if you are mailing out the cards and trying to get representation, you don't want to show another agencies number on the card.

Also: A website is nice to have but it can also look unprofessional to an agent if the website isn't well done and classy.

If you do not have an agent and you are freelancing another reason to NOT put your website and phone number on the card is because you might end up giving your card to someone you might not be 100 percent sure of, you might drop them or leave them somewhere and you don't want to have some random person calling you or harassing you over your photos.

2. So many Images! Picking your favorite 4 images that would fit balanced on the back of the card is so typical. I think less is I usually only have been picking 3 photos on the back. A photo with length to show my legs, and a nice energy shot and then a beauty or tearsheet shot is my style! It looks cluttered if you do over board of images. No matter what stick to only 3-4 images. More than that makes your card look stuffy and it makes you look too diverse.

3. Being Diverse enough: As a commerical print model, you don't need a fashion shot but you might want to include a shot that involves products, looks like ads and editorials or magazine covers. Style your shoots with accessories, don't over do it but keep in mind the type of modeling you want to do and shoot!

4. Stats: Can I lie about my height? - Adding an inch won't kiss you, but make sure you have the look to fake it. It you add an inch to your height make sure your photos show that you photograph at that height at least! Looking longer. I photograph tall but then again I don't put 5'7" or 5'8" on my card...when I am really 4 inches shorter. That is too much of a gap.

Also remember: If you are petite, you should be focusing on Commercial print modeling, that is where the opporunity is for you and for commercial print modeling height is NOT such an issue so you can be honest for who you really are!

Isn't that refreshing!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Body Part Modeling, Who says being petite is bad?

I am putting together my new body part card right now and the experience is inspiring me to talk about posing to look taller and walking like a model. My body part card will consist of a shot of my back, my legs, a tearsheet from a shoe modeling job I did with Marshalls and a had modeling shot I did for an editorial in Bon Appetit magazine. I think showing tearsheets is important for your compcard but if you don't have any then try to structure your shots to be based around looking like ads and imagine the tearsheet you want to get and try to make your photo shoots look like it, when it comes to hands, legs, and feet, remember never to crop photos at the bend of limbs because it will make you look taller. It is also helpful to wear pointy shoes or heels, and point your toe when shooting your legs, stretching your legs out can make them look long obviously but pointing your toe can add a few inches! For hands, remember pinky in, and put your fingers romantically placed: As in delicate. Remember ALL of your body parts can speak, and tell a story...not just your lips.

You can also catch me in Nylon magazine's April 2008 issue talking about body part modeling.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Modeling mistakes and No No's

If you want to be a commercial print model, and you want to let each job count, then stay away from jobs like these, which I found on the Internet and which are not going to lead you to be representing commercial brands and products:

(there are many postings with titles like this on the web, so be weary) If it sounds is! I can't believe these are REAL postings and girls are falling for this, it is scary so becareful. The money isn't worth it, and if you want to be a commercial print model, or a body pats model, there are ways to make a lot of money by working with brands and legit commercial print agencies. It is better to wait and get a good agent, then rush and get scammed.

1. bondage modeling
2. Choc'LateCherries Model Open Call! (females only)
3. Seek GORGEOUS Actress For "Sexy Hypnosis" Video PG-13 HIGH PAY
4. Dark Skinned Male Models For Erotic Photoshoot
5. Women Wanted for UNIQUE Dressed/Undressed Photo Set!!!!

What I would do is when searching for modeling work online use keywords and search words like ' Print" or commercial" or magazine. And at least some better jobs will pop up!

Modeling Jobs: being selective about the modeling jobs you accept is a Good idea

While trying to get some experience as an aspiring model you may seek out approaching asipring brands and companies that might need a model, a local hair salon, a boutique store, a jewelry designer.

However when it comes to Internet castings, ALWAYS be careful, alot of jobs that might sound good but really are a waste of your time. Here are some tips for weeding out the crap and finding the quality in your modeling jobs.

1. Does the job explain what is Totally involved? Such as time, rate, details, usage, what is this job for? What are they looking for? Is this a job you think would benefit your resume?

2. Think about where you want to be? think of the modeling job posting and you can judge if it will help you be where you want to be? Don't be desperate for a modeling job, agent, etc, that you waste your time or do something that could even hurt your pursuits.

3. Should you work for free or copy and credit? Well, this depends on if the experience is a benefit to your goals, and if the job is going to get you:

A. Great Photos or a great tearsheet that fits your modeling goals
B. Great Experience
C. An opportunity that will to lead to more modeling jobs

((ALSO it is a good idea to get things written in EMAIL, so you have a record to what the job is suppose to involve, the pay, who is involved...compared to just a voicemail))))

4. Ask questions and don't feel weird if it means you have email 5 times to get the answer you want. Traveling, and preparing for a shoot or project that is a waste of time is worth knowing a head of time. So ask questions always and be careful of scams.

5. It is easy to just accept a modeling job or apply to one before really understanding what the jobs is, so know what the job involves, what is the product, what is this modeling job for, where will the images be used, what is the rate? Ask questions! You should know this information before you take on the job. Don't just accept a job to be doing a job, only accept an opportunity than is an opportunity for growth and opportunities for your goals.

When you are marketing yourself it can be a challenge to weed out the crap but think big, think about your goals and ask yourself " HOW WILL THIS OPPORTUNITY LEAD TO MORE?" Will this credit lead to more experience and exposure? WILL this job help me get closer to my goals...or is this a waste of time?


Confidence is Key for Modeling

It's not Can I be a Model, it's I believe I can be a model. You confidence shines and it is what agents, casting directors and photographers want to see. No matter your height stand tall, walk proud and love you for you, when it comes to your modeling photo shoots, bring ideas to your shoots, be on time, and take your pursuits seriously. Just like in sports, you don't slack off at practice do you? Same approach. Learn your craft, study it, purusue it and try to get the best representation you can. You might think it is impossible to get a modeling agent, well... high fashion might be out! But there is a lot of work a commercial print model can do or a body parts model can do! Don't limit your opportunity by being narrow minded. Let opportunity happen for yourself by accepting what you are not, and chasing the opportunity that is out there waiting for you!

Let your confidence book you work as a model.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Petite clothing designer to check out!

A petite girl has launched a clothing line for the petite woman, this is inspiring.

This is what she says about her line TLE signature. Enclosed is a design from TLE collection.

For as long as I can remember, I've signed my name as TLE (pronounced“T-Lay”), and I've always written it in all caps to make a statement that's as bold as I am. I decided to name my company after my signature (and nickname) to make a statement to the world that even though you're petite, your presence can make you 10 feet tall.
It’s true…Big things do come in small packages!

At 4'11", I know how extremely frustrating it is to find great-looking cosmopolitan styles that fit. I never shopped in petite departments since those clothes always looked middle-aged, and of course, children's departments would look too adolescent.

Fashion should be fun, modern, and most importantly fitting! So what was a modern chick to do? I started designing clothes that were glam on style and complimented the petite woman.

Sewing has always been an on-and-off hobby of mine since adolescence. All of my sewing was done free-style, rather than using patterns, since patterns were always too confusing and structured for me to follow.

In graduate school, sewing was non-existent for me... even two years after earning my MBA. For an upcoming trip, I concentrated my efforts on making hip clothes that complimented my petite size. It wasn't until I was getting loads of compliments and requests from friends and strangers that I realized I had an untapped talent for designing clothes.

And thus, in the summer of 2007 TLE DESIGNS was founded for
the petite, carefree fashionista who lives life large.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Modeling Tips: Speaking to the Brands and Magazine

Modeling for yourself can mean self promotion and this means being able to get intouch with brands and magazines.

Hear are some hints for getting intouch with brands:

1. Draft a plan with a letter, include a photo that targets the brand you are trying to reach, if it is a shoe comapny, have a nice photo of your feet in a shoe similar to the brands style.
2. Research the pr/marketing, and creative sides of the business by asking in your email to direct the email to the pr/marketing department.
3. Suggest meeting with them to show your portfolio or to mail them a compcard.
4. Be Bold! Don't be afraid to contact brands blunty and ask "how do you pick your models?" What agencies do you work with?"

When it comes to submitting yourself to magazines, submit to all kinds, do not limit yourself to just one kind, but also make sure your photos match the theme of the magazine you are submitting to,-think of travel, fashion, lifestyle, cooking, craft...all types of magazines, and submit your modeling compcard to the photo editor or photo researcher which can be found in the front of the magazine. All magazines has a Masthead, a place that mentioned the editors and photo editors.

Pick one and cross your fingers! It can work! Self promotion is worth it!

Modeling & Acting Advice for Infront of Camera

During my first TV background job, I was on the set of ED and I didn't even the know the camera was on me. But it was! And I got my first credit on my acting resume when the show segment aired and my face was the expression seen for a few seconds. I was just another background actor, but even being a background actor you can grow your resume and it can lead to more, here are some tips for being in front of the camera on a film or video, or TV set.

1. Know where the camera is!
2. Try to give off a natural look and pose
3. Try to understand the mood of the scene, what are the main characters doing and when the Production assistant tells you to "pretend" you are talking, dancing, or drinking, playing golf, whatever...try to do it in a natural way.
4. Being aware of the camera, the scene, and the theme of the scene can lead you to more exposure. Does your outfit match the scene, are you really melting into the atmosphere and trying to be apart of it?

When it comes to photos, and photo shoots, the same applies. Being receptive to the camera, the scene, the atmosphere of the editorial, ad campaign, the modeling job is important as well. Knowing how to model that shoe, and pose with that beverage, -If you try to be more 'apart' of the will!

Modeling Confessions: Marketing yourself

I had mailed out the last of my compcards. I was broke, and using websites like Craigslist. My agents hadn't called in weeks. I had used whatever stamps I had and I really needed to order new compcards, instead I paid rent and kept emailing and trying to build my portfolio,- and then a new agency called me out of the blue. I was sent to a casting and booked it! It was a job for a national ad campaign.

When I finally got paid for the modeling job, because it can take up to 6 weeks, or more, I spent some of the money on new compcards. And got busy again mailing them out, a fresh patch to promote myself more.

As a model, an aspiring model, you have to invest in yourself. Working with agencies doesn't mean they will call every day, or every hour, so you need to invest in your self and promote yourself as much as you can.

-isobella jade, this experience was in 2005

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Truths about Modeling Agencies and Getting one on Model Talk

Isobella will share the present day truths of getting a modeling agency and working with one and the things you might not know about what it involves to get an agent and work with one and get work as a model.

Modeling photoshoot tips: Planning your own Photo shoots

Above is a photo of when I was preparing for a photo shoot I did at a boxing gym. There is no harm in asking a location if you could do a shoot but here are some tips when it comes to location scouting and planning your own shoots.

1. Pick a location that isn't high traffic 24/7.
2. Ask kindly if you could do a photo shoot at the location in exchange for giving the location photos they can use for their advertising.
3. you can find a location, like a salon, even a shoe store, lounge, or spa, without paying but you have to be able to provide them with images or at least credit if the photos are ever published.
4. Work with a photographer who is comfortable with shooting and giving photos in exchange for the location space.
5. Usually a 2-4 hour time span is all you should ask for.
6. Plan ahead because time is precious and you want to have a plan for your shoot
7. Offer to buy the owner or manager of the location lunch, or to give them the images as soon as possible to show your respect and thankfulness.
8. Make sure you speak to the photographer ahead of time about what you want and that you will in fact get images. (Once I worked with a photographer and had the location, the other models, and even barrowed clothing, and the photographer never gave me photos. He was a jerk! It was a mess!)
9. Create a theme for the shoot and keep it simple but fun, if the location has a website where you can view the inside then look at it for ideas or see if you can visit the location to get inspired before the shoot.
10. It is always worth a shot to try to ask to use a space. Sometimes you will get no’s but that doesn’t mean you should not try. You should always be active within your pursuits.

And usually if you tell a photographer you want to work with " I have a location!"

They will usually be interested or at least think higher of you for doing the work!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Modeling Advice: Modeling Only for the right reasons

Like an artistic trade modeling is a pursuit. Beyond the fashion wrold, modeling has many branches and is not limited to just 'one type of model'. Yet a lot of girls model for the wrong reasons. And this ends up bringing the girls nothing in return. No tearsheets, no agent, no real modeling work. It seems that everyone wants to be a model, but getting there, being a model, working as a model is another story. Well..if you are an unconventional model. Not 5'10", not in the fashion world...don't get discouraged, but do understand Where you do fit into the modeling mix and where you can indeed get modeling work with magazines and brands. To dive into being a model, you have to focus on "where you realistically can get modeling work." And " do you have marketing material to give agents, brands and submit out?"

Another hint is:
Model because you know you are a good model.
Model because you can bring energy, personality and a great look to the shoot, project, commercial, ect.
Model and understand what it means to self serve.
Model and know how to market yourself.

Every artistic trade and pursuit means knowing how to market yourself, it is like understanding how to start a business, and that business being you.

Modeling Advice: The Business of Modeling and Marketing Yourself

I think of modeling as a business. I don't think of it as "time to be a rag doll," and " drink coffee and just sit there." I think of modeling as a business, and I always think about the agency perspective, " what agencies should I target myself toward, and what photos would work best for me to market myself." And I think about the client perspective..."what type of models do they want, and why?"

I am not afraid to approach a photographer with an idea, and in a world of hits and clicks and the Internet baby and models obsessions, it is hard to sometimes pin point "who is the jerk," and "who is professional?"

When you want to market yourself as a model, get an agent,book modeling work in magazines or work with brands,...sometimes being a NEW FACE, can be against you.
You want to show you have some experience, that you are a good model, and you need to take into your own matters and make it happen. This can mean approaching photographers, researching locations for shoots, and not settling for the BS that is on the web. And really trying to find quality people to work with. Here is a hint:
If you think the agent, agency or job is below probably is...if the agency is charging you or you are not sure about the agency try to google them and then the word SCAM..or try the Better Business Bureaus-you can quickly find out if the company, agency, photographer, etc, is a waste of your time.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Real Models and the Microwave Models

Every day the Internet churns out more and more models, it sounds like microwave models to me. When just with a hit another model is made. cooked! And can be scammed.

I suppose that some of these girls see reality shows like American's Next Top Model, and then go the Internet and sign onto modeling sites or modeling network social sites and even pay to join without really understanding what goes into being a model. How to get an agent, what photos they should have. And really end up not modeling at all....just posting a photo of themselves on some random so-called modeling website.

Some girls might want to model for the glamour appeal, to feel wanted, pretty, desired.... or have the idea that modeling is a way to make money and NOT work,but the reality is that modeling is about having confidence...., and to booking work as a model, gaining tearsheets and getting an income as a model is aLOT of work. And it involves a huge hustle, a lot of time, energy and also knowing how to market yourself.

I would stay away from the Internet all together. I would only model if you are doing it for the right reasons. Not because someone else said you should. But because you believe in yourself and want to model because it is a business.

If you are not 5'9" or 5'10", modeling will be a challenge unless you understand the world of commercial print modeling and join it. A commercial print model is a girl who is attractive but meant to give personality to products, ad campaigns, and editorials in magazines.

But we have to face it...if the industry wants tall models, you will have to fight to beat the odds and to find an agency that will represent you, mostly it will be a print agency. It wont be easy all the time, but it is possible.

The real modeling industry isn't based on hit and clicks, and it involves working with modeling agencies and you have to be even more careful in todays' Internet world of jerks, because if the Internet can chrun out models every day on amateur modeling websites and social sites, then you know there are scams on evey corner as well!

Making your Modeling Photos Book you Modeling Work

When it comes to making photos for your card, think about the jobs you want, but also consider the jobs you can realistically get...make sure your modeling photos represent you and where you want to be and show your diversity.

We all fib alittle about our height, but what really matters more is your look, your photos and what you are showing.

If you are petite but have nice legs, hands, eyes, hair, then show them all. Look at magazine editorials to get inspired. Editorials include the images that go with a story and also the fashion stories but consider all types.

From hand modeling to hair modeling to shoe modeling, it is good to show in your photos the work you want to get, even if you have never booked it before.

Be creative in your images but keep them looking like ads and editorials. A nice clean headshot with your makeup done to look fresh is always nice, and a body shot could just be you lifting a dumbbell, or jumping in the air in your bikini.

Marketing yourself comes with having your marketing material. You know all the ads and products you want to model for, so try to work with photographers who can give you the images YOU need to help you book the jobs YOU WANT.

Self promotion means mailing, and calling and not giving up.

Not booking enough modeling work? It could be your photos

So you have a modeling agency, you have booked a few modeling jobs, but it feels like you are not getting enough modeling work, could be your photos.
When one of my agencies said to me, " We got your compcard but we haven't heard anything on it."

This doesn't mean you are not a good model. It might just mean your photos don't show you a good one.

So I ask my agent a couple of things to improve myself as a model:
" What do you think works for me as a model."
Is it your smile? Your energy, your great body? Everything?

"What type of jobs are you marketing me for?"
Are your cards being mailed to magazines, product ads, what type of brands and jobs?
This can tell you how you should target your photos, if you agent says " I ams ending you oncastings for fitness and beauty and print work," thThen you might want to think about creating some more photos that target you better to these type of jobs.

Something you are not booking enough work because your compcard, your markteting material isn't speaking enough about the model you ARE.

I think it is good to communicate with your agent and to let them know the type of jobs you want, and you should KNOW what type of work the agent wants to submit you to.

For example: if you think you should be in a bikini, but your agent is marketing you to teen magazines, or more conservative brands and jobs...then you won't get booked. So your modeling compcard should represent the model you are, and the model your agency is sending you out to be and represent. Communicate with your agent, agents, and bookers. If you work with more than one agency then you might need to make more than one card.

A cheap place to make cards is where you can test out cards for like 35 bucks and if you like it, if your agent likes it, you can order more.

Friday, March 14, 2008

How to find a Petite Modeling Agency?

Recently a girl on Myspace asked me about "how can she find a petite modeling agency."

Maybe you are interested in modeling but you think you are too short? Maybe you aren't sure what agencies would accept a petite model? Maybe you don't know how to get started modeling?

Well here are some tips based on my personal experience:

1. Instead of petite modeling agencies, you are looking for print modeling agencies, commercial print agencies, that work with models of all sizes. You must be driven because the height will ALWAYS be an issue but if you make your photos targeted around jobs that a model of any height can get 9 such as hand bags, jewelry, commercial products, like holding a coffee cup)-seriously you can get modeling work.

There are people modeling for banks, soda, nail and beauty brands, and it can be you. Think of modeling as selling a brand, a product, so you need to include these products in your shoots. Make yourself a model who is great to model shoes, handbags, hair products, etc. And show it in your photos. A print agency will like it. A fashion agency might not, but a print agent will!

Google: commercial print modeling agency + then your hometown. Or print models, + modeling agency. Or there is a list on the side of my blog that can give you some hints. If the models on the agency website look like you...then that is the agency you should submit to. Agencys like FORD and Elite are very picky, ful lof standards, but the commercial print model, it needed and in demand at talent agencies and commercial print agencies.

2. Build your own resume and portfolio to get ahead: An agent wants to see that you can work. So it would be a good idea to seek out some of your own modeling work, with newspapers, magazines, and brands big and small. You can start by putting together a nice selection of diverse photos that look like ads and editorials and making a compcard and mailing it out to some magazines or newspaper in your home town. Or photographers, or brands that might need models. The big thing is to get a tearsheet, get some proof that you can model, and that you can book work.

3. Make the agent want to work with you: This means, bring more than just a photo of yourself smiling. Bring energy, bring even tearsheets you have gained from seeking out your own modeling work. Bring compcards, bring a portfolio of about 10 great images to meet them. And call, research, email, and market yourself to modeling agencies that WANT energetic models, with personality.

Model is such a broad word. But to me, modeling is about working with a brand, working with a product, and being apart of the marketing process by using your look, your energy, your natural self to sell it. It could be a sock, or lip stick. But it is about you working aside brands.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Am I pretty enough to model?

So many girls want to be models, and recently a mother asked me if her daughter was pretty enough to model, and I told her that..."my opinion doesn't matter ask much as the drive inside your daughter?"

Just having a compcard and modeling portfolio and just being attractive isn't enough. You have to think like a marketing professional and have a business sense too.

I always think it is better to self serve, focus on your photos and to skip being an Internet model,- and instead target agencies, magazines and brands.

Whether someone thinks I am pretty enough doesn't matter to me. I model because I want to. Because I know I am a good model and make modeling work for me by marketing and targeting myself to places I know I can get work.

I research on the web, I call, I mail, I promote me everyday.

Modeling Full Time...Should you Do it?

Modeling full time could bring some trouble and unless you do have some sort of backup plan or the ability to really research your own work then I would wait until you have built your modeling book. Because when you start to feel desperate or need to pay might end up doing a modeling job you will regret.
The Internet is an easy way into calling yourself a model. But it isn't really modeling. Until there is a product in your hand. It isn't really modeling.
And in life... if you do anything just for money, then you are selling yourself in a bad way.

The thing you should do is understand that :Beyond the fashion agencies there are commercial print modeling agencies and there is a way to get modeling work without only relying on the web and without disgracing your self. It is important to build your portfolio and focus on your images. Being realistic and accepting the type of model you should be. It might not be a fashion model or a model on a billboard, but if you really think you can be a model, it might mean being a hand model, a model for print, a modeling for editorial work, (in magazines). Hair modeling, leg modeling, shoe modeling. Ask yourself...what type of model am I?

Modeling isn't just wearing a thong and smiling. It involves working with brands. Think about what modeling was before the Internet? That is how you can see how modeling is about the brands, the products, ...then...and now.

There were no Internet Models in the 1960's!

It used to be that average girls in America didn't think about being models. But today many girls can use the Internet and call themselves models because of what appears on the screen after the download,'your a model!' kind of like the AOL voice saying " YOU GOT MAIL!" it is quick and easy but where does it really get you?

While reading the book " The ugly business of beautiful woman" by Michael Gross, I get a visual of what it was like "before" the Internet, before...when the word model meant something different, something that had a fine line between' the average girl in America and a model.

Today the Internet gives many of us a chance to express ourselves and flaunt our photos, but the old fashion way of modeling.

Working with agencies.
Going to go-sees
Going to castings
Getting a compcard
And booking jobs with brands

Still are how it is. Most top brands are not finding their models on the Internet.

Could this change one day. Maybe, but the reason agencies are where the top brands find their models is because there is a feeling of trust. The agency will most likely have great models, who will show up and be great. Finding a model on the web isn't as accepted in the sense of "being legit"... So if you want to model, you will find that. The Internet is great! need a physical person agencies as well, to really book work with top brands.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Model Talk at 6pm tonight. There is modeling work for the petite model or short model

Tonight I am going to hear my cousins band play so I am having my Model Talk session early at 6pm. To hear the live segment based on"Modeling of all sizes". Click here or visit
I hope to catch you there!

Because there is hope for the short model.

isobella jade

Be a Smart Model, not a Dumb Model

Being a smart model can mean the difference between booking modeling work and not. Being staying an a matuer model and being a professional model. What does the word professional mean anyways!?

Professional to me means, I am serious and driven about my modeling pursuits, I promote myself and network and do true research to get ahead. I am not afraid to mail my compcards out and take a stand for the goals I have. I don't wait for the phone to ring and I try to sell myself as a model for work I KNOW I can do.

And although I have agents, on days my phone isn't ringing I am still seeking out my own modeling work and approaching brands and magazines, planning test shoots and doing more than staring at my Myspace page, or website.

The Internet has changed the word model and now that so many girls want to be a model is shows that there is something unique going on. But there is a fine line between the serious and the sillies. The ones who are wanna-be's and the ones who are really trying to get an agent, get modeling work, get a modeling portfolio. Something that strives on hope and the chance of getting exposed. But I don't just model for the heck of it, this isn't just an ego trip for me.... I model because I know I am a good model and I can get the job done...whether it is hand modeling or a close up.

What about you?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I love Teri Hatcher's pose for Badgley Mischka...Great way to show curves

I like this pose Teri Hatcher is making for Badgley Mischka, and although she looks relaxed, Teri is actually arching her back, lifting the back leg up alittle higher, and most important keeping balance. And keeping the sunglasses from falling off her head!

I love the sweater and the styling of Badgley Mischka.

When you look at photos of ad campaigns and other models, start to notice how they pose too.

Modeling: Models of all Sizes and Heights

This week on Model Talk I will be chatting about how you can use your petite body to get ahead and the type of work a petite model can in deed do, and the ways you can promote yourself as a petite model. It might sound basic but really some of the promotion needs to be creative. Just having a compcard and headshot these days isn't enough for an aspiring model.

You have to have goals and a plan.

Tips for Finding a Modeling Agency

Getting a modeling agency on your side and getting representation for your modeling pursuits can be a challege. But if you have commercial print styled images you will find that is easy to get a modeling agency.

Beyond the bigger agencies, or bigger known, like Elite, and Ford, there are also commercial print modeling agencies that book really quality work for models of all size.

The best thing to do is to google, commercial print modeling agencies, but then before you send your photos or any old photo of yourself, you need to really plan.

1. Are you photos showing energy?
2. Do you have a nice clean headshot?
3. Do you look like a model modeling with a brand or product?
4. Are you showing enough diversity.
5. Showing diversity can mean:
Showing an athletic shot, or a shot of movement, an action, could be dancing, or could be a body shot of yourself in a bathingsuit or pair of jeans. It is good to cover them all and they don't all have to be perfect, perfect,...just make sure they look like an ad, or editorial. A photo that says, " I can work a product and also tell a story." In editorials and ad campaigns you will be doing all types of things, recently I had to splash around and pretend to jump in a rain puddle, other days I am posing with a handbag or accessory product. So knowing how to manage all types of atmospheres and even the unexpected is important to show an agent.

Then submit your compcard. Or photos to an agency and keep trying. Sometimes it can take up to three or more times before you can a call back. But keep trying!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Body Creams for Body Part Models

While flying Jetblue over the weekend the whole flight received really handy handcream from Dove, the sample of Cream Oil really impressed me. I loved that it fit great in my purse and I was sold on the product in a matter of seconds. It wasn't too creamy, but a perfect texture.

If you like lotion that goes on quick and has a light feel( of course you do!) then another handcream brand I discovered today after a manicure at Sweet Lily Spa on West Broadway is called: Gilden Tree, this is a great cream, 95% shea butter and whatever the other 5 % is, is something good! It gives the hands and body a nice light shine and glow too.

Having a small squirt of hand cream is important especially because modeling castings can happen any time and sometimes at the last minute.

America's Next Top Model hype, but why do you have to be 5'7"?

Happening now: Model News

America's Next Top Model - Created by Tyra Banks, this exciting reality series give everyday people across the nation the opportunity to compete for a grand prize that will include a modeling contract with one of the world's top agencies.

If you are a female between the ages of 18-27, and 5'7" or taller, and you think you have what it takes to make it in the high stress, high stakes world of modeling, then go to http://www.cwtv. com for complete eligibilty requiremnts, more information, and apply for the show.

There are a lot of models who are proportioned, petite and attractive but not 5'7"?
Why the 5'7"? for such a public show?

The average girl in America is 5'3"?

However if you are tall enough to be considered here are the details:

New York Auditions:
Saturday, March 15th, 2008.
10:00AM - 3:00PM
The New Yorker Hotel
481 Eighth Avenue (on 34th Street and the corner of 8th Ave)
New York, NY 10001

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting Over the Internet Model

It is so easy to just grab a camera and call your self a model in a matter of seconds on the Internet modeling websites out there, but no matter what country you live in, what part of town, or what size of city, there is modeling work out there, it might not come on the pages of Vogue on the runway at Bryant Park or in Italy, or Paris, but there is a lot of modeling out there for the commercial print model of all sizes.

what is your modeling perspective? Do you know modeling is many things? Are you only shooting your self in the same sort of outfit and the same sort of pose? Are you getting some modeling work and tear sheets or just shooting?

I know first hand that entering the modeling business as the underdog is a challenge, I wrote a book all about it, about googling and trying, and over and over promoting myself, and I still do it, and I love it, but I am now doing it with a perspective about WHAT I CAN Actually model, and accepting the areas of modeling that work for me! Being a model is not just the runway, not just fashion, it is so many things, and the petite model can get modeling work and an agent, but you might not be working with a high fashion modeling agency, it might be hair modeling, or hand modeling, or shoe modeling. But if you want to model, then you want to sell, because modeling is selling something...a printer even for Staples.

What kind of model are you?

How to Get Ahead as a Short Model

Shorter models have to be careful about how they market themselves. As a model I want it all. I want print, commercial work, I want to pose in lingerie and I also want to hand model for soap! So there is so much work out there for the short model, but the biggest thing comes down to photos. My last pod cast on Model Talk, is about photos and how important they are. And how "planning your shoots," gets you ahead. "Planning to improve your portfolio." And " Not just shooting for the heck of it!"

Being more... striving for more. Making it happen for you.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Savvy Little Model

As a savvy model I bring ideas to the table, I try to make my photo shoots targeted, I try to stay diverse too….I analyze the areas of modeling which I am good for and I read a lot of industry magazines.

For example, I read magazines like glamour and vogue, but I also read a lot of trade magazines like WWD Intimates, Beauty Store business, footwear Plus.

Did you know for example Hanes underwear is getting more fashionable, trendy, and their latest ad campaign is even humorous and up to date?

Did you know Old Navy is getting more fashion forward?

And Victoria Secret is trying to get back to their roots and have a more sensual look and straying away from the PINK image.

I pay attention to ads and I try to target myself to the areas that are realistic to my success as a model.

I am not America ’s TOP MODEL,and that is NOT my goal. And maybe I am not on a model on the runway, but there is a lot of commercial work I can do as a model,- and as a model I treat the industry like a job, a career, a hunt, a hustle and a pursuit. I am interested in the modeling business, I am not just a model, but I am trying to KNOW how the business work.

Mainly to get work I need good photos and updating them and polishing them is so ever important, they will sell me and that is how I will get work, get an agent, and be able to be a working, and I need quality images that can sell me to an underwear company but also to a commercial print casting for a printing company. It is called Diversity!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Model you want to be

The internet helps make it possible for the average girl in America to be a model or call herself one, and all of these girls want to know how can they get ahead, how can they get an agent and how can they get modeling work.

It all comes down to two things really…your quality of photos and your ambition.

We have all seen ads that have inspired us to say “ Mmm that could be me.” But making it you is another story.

Whether you are refered to a photographer or making your own connections from a social modeling networking site you have to be careful and picky of who you work with. Your goal should be to make each photo shoot count.
And you should ask yourself before you shoot these two things

1. What is the goal of this photoshoot
2. How can I plan to get the images I need

Girls shoot for a few reasons. – To boost their ego, To gain experience, and to build your book. It should be the last two…before the first one.

The more you make your photos look like the ads, editorials, magazine, and like the model you WANT TO BE…the more you will have photos that will get you places.

We have all heard of GWC’s Guys with Camera’s- who just shoot models they find on the Internet modeling sites and really have no ambition to really help the model or themselves. And these are the type of people you should stay away from.

Some of them should have their camera’s broke infront of them!!!!

I take modeling really seriously and I don’t waste time with people who aren’t ambitious, who don’t have ideas, and who aren’t talented.

If you are trying to create good images you need to be picky with who you work with….You might be shooting less but the quality will be higher.

You need photos that target you as the model you should be.

Such as: Commercial print modeling, glamour modeling, body parts modeling.

What is a Commercial Print Modeling Agency

A commercial print modeling agency is an agency that represents models of all heights, where real looking people, and especially energy and friendly looking people, - who are placed in commercials, print ads, and ad campaigns. These agencies want models that have energy, look fresh faced and like a model with a nice smile, and a lot of personality.
A few examples of a commercial print modeling agency are:

Cunningham Escott
Ugly Models NY
Bella Models
Flaunt Models-
PARTS Models
Rick Miller Agency

Agencies that think modeling is more than the runway, it involves working with brands, it is the commercial world of selling to the consumer that involves models that look like the people who would buy the products. Think home good, and everything from paper products, to computers, to the Dell guy, to the hair commercial.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Makeup For Ever Gold Goes a long way

Makeup For Ever has hot makeup for models to consider. I love single eyeshadows and shimmers, and enclosed is a photo of myself getting my makeup done by a Makeup For Ever expert at the Pimp yoru Lashes promo last week, and that day I purchased an eye shadow shimmer called Star Powder. This gold color is great to wake up your look and add some life to your face. I like putting it on my lids and also lining my eye with it. Also if you are feeling tired a little dab can bring some highlight to your eyes.

For twenty bucks you might feel like it is a lot as you whip out your credit card, but for this hot twinkle you only need a few dabs to get the jobs done, which means the product lasts! And a model needs to keep her face aglow!

Modeling Agencies Aren't Hard to Find but..

Stop wondering why you don't have a modeling agency or modeling agent, and start planning to get one. At my podcast Model Talk, this week I will talk about planning photoshoots that will benefit your submissions to modeling agencies and how to plan shoots that actually help your modeling pursuits.

8pm Weds. March 5th

Swimwear at H&M and Swimwear at Target Great for Models to Consider

Are you in the mix for a new bathingsuit? Why not check out these styles for your photoshoots.

Meera Bhatia and Louisa Nesbitt reported on Bloomberg -- "Hennes & Mauritz AB is selling 10-Euro ($14.75) bikinis online in a bid to regain its crown as
Europe's largest clothing retailer"

Spring is a great time to start preparing for your photo shoots involving swimwear!
And you don't have to be at a beach in a hot red thong anymore to call yourself a swimwear model. H&M and Target are offering hot new styles for a price that is just as hot! I am loving to new full piece bathingsuits, I love the sensual look!

Here are some styles and brands, featured on MSN today, to consider at Target:
(Photos Above)
Xhilaration® Striped Bandeau Monokini - Gold $29.99
Merona® Halter 1-pc Swimsuit - Green $34.99
Xhilaration® Bold Stripe Monokini - Pink/ Green $29.99
Xhilaration® Anchor Monokini - Green $29.99

I look forward to seeing what H&M has too!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Isobella Jade inside of Mac Directory Magazine

I try to keep it intriguing and I had a great time at this photoshoot for Mac Directory Magazine and it was the first time I posed with a laptop! I try to keep my work original and I hope you enjoy the pic and editorial in the lastest issue of Mac Directory Magazine Winter/Spring issue.

Modeling for All Heights

There is modeling work out there for you, but alot of the time it comes down to seeking it out. The Interneth as made it so any girl can try to be a model with a few clicks, and it means that you have to fight even harder sometimes to make your mark and get ahead, get an agent, and book modeling work. The best way to get work is to be realistic with yourself and to understand that while it might be fun to 'call yourself on a model on the Internet'- the truth is Internet modeling is limited, and the real way to get ahead is to get a compcard and mail it out, approach brands and agencies, and magazines, and try to get exposed modeling something, a product! No matter what type of modeling you want to do, whether it is glamour model, or fitness modeling, hand modeling, shoe modeling, fashion modeling, runway, print modeling, there is modeling work out there for models of all heights. You just have to seek it out and seriously try. This week on my modeling pod cast called Model Talk, I will be discussing how to Make your Photoshoots count and how to not waste time as an aspiring model.

Tips to be a Professional Model

Whether you are booking jobs with national brands and magazines or not, these tips can help you to be professional and act like a professional model.

1. Come with your face ready for makeup or make sure that any other body part that is being photographed is ready too. Don't waste everyone's time with messy hair, and without respect for the job, alcohol breath, and being hung over.

2. Use each opportunity as a stepping stone and think to yourself, " How can this job help my career, goals, pursuits?" If the answer is basically nothing then you don't need that type of work. Build your portfolio and work with people who are smart, ambitious and have ideas and want to succeed.

3. Getting a modeling agent. Keep submitting and trying,to get a modeling agent you need to submit your photos out more than once, you need to do it all time, this goes for submissions to magazines, to castings, to jobs you find on websites like

4. Be on Time or call when you are late.

5. Make sure your email is professional too. Make a seperate email for your modeling pursuits and also make the name of your email account something that involves your name, not

Meetup with Models, Photographers and the Ambitious

Meetup with photographers and other aspiring models and also aspiring designers and stylists here at It appears that the people and creatives are professional and serious at this networking site. Finally!

A lot of Internet modeling websites are a waste but is meant to bring the ambitious together.

Check out here, and search modeling or photography and join the group!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Getting a Modeling Agent and Getting Modeling work

So maybe we wont be discovered by a modeling agent on the streets of Paris, but we can make ourselves a model if we want to. What is good is that today modeling agencies are looking for models all the time, and the commercial print modeling world is bigger than you might think. A new perspective can be found by considering print agencies and talent agencies. Agencies that deal with models with personality, not just height. The best thing to do is target yourself to agencies and to do it with photos that represent the type of work you would be great for.
Getting a modeling agent can be easy, but also it can take up to three or more mailings to finally get one, but if you are persistant and keep mailing your photos out and promoting your self you will get an agent and modeling agency.

I think it is also a good idea to try to book some modeling work and get a little experience and mail your photos to magazines and try to find brands and aspiring brands you can work with to get some modeling work first. It helps especially if you are petite to show an agent or modeling agency that you can model and that you have before.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Results of the Makeup For Ever Pimp your Lashes Promotion

Well I had an amazing time at the Pimp your Lashes Promotion at Sephora in Time Square yesterday, I love the interactive promo Makeup For Ever has done that allows girls to have their makeup done, have false eye lashes put on and most important: Learn how to apply them! And tricks and hints for making a clean face and not getting glue everywhere!!

By the way when it comes to the selection: Make Up For Ever false lashes are so hot, so unique and creative. So Worth checking out! I have never seen anything like them. They range from 14-18 dollars and they can last up to 5 times and did you know you can in fact re-use them, if you take care of them!?

I thought you just threw them in the trash when you were done!

Well, I never imagined putting on BLUE eye lashes but at the promo I just had to dive in and get creative with it, -it was so hot! And fun I love the way the Makeup For Ever expert, Floriane, colored my eyes. Don't you love the Turquoise eye shadow!?

It's not over either! You can stop by the Sephora Store today until 6pm and get more dazzle for your eyes at the SoHo on Broadway at Sephora.

If you have a shoot today it would also be a good idea to stop by to get your eyes done before your shoot or to learn a thing or two about applying eye lashes for future shoots!

March 1, 12 pm - 6pm
Sephora Soho, New York, NY / Tel: (212) 625-1309
Take the R/W train to Prince for easy access.