Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trade show Modeling

Trade show modeling is a great way for models, especially petite models and aspiring models to get work. You can find out the vendors, the trade show names, and the brands that need models or might need models which you can contact by googling.
(remember you might need to attend some of these events, walk the floor and get business cards and contact them by email or phone, or ask them if they need models, and don't be too pushy for a high rate, ask " what do you typically pay models, or whatever you think is reasonable." when debating a day rate through yourself. You don't want to lose the opportunity when you are building your experience as a model because you were too pushy to get that extra 50 bucks! Sometimes you can get compensated in product as well. So you might have to debate the rate but working with brands and aspiring brands should be a goal. And Trade show modeling is a great way to launch your modeling resume. Be assertive and contact some brands.

When you google lingerie + trade show modeling, these are some of the results:

When you google, Swimwear + trade shows:

There is alot of opportunity by also googling your city + conference, or trade show, and trade shows, plus the trade. What I mean by trade is google: swimwear + Chicago
Or shoe show + NYC, or accessory show + your city. But even smaller events and fashion related events are good to attend as well.

Always keep your game face on!

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