Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thinking You can’t Be a Model

A girl on Myspace recently sent me a message saying she is upset that she is only 5'3"! Now she thinks she can't model. My reply is...

Ask yourself what you think modeling is?

If you think it is only being tall, and walking the runway then you are right you can't model.

If you think it is print modeling, parts modeling, modeling handbags, shoes, and commercial products, like for T-Mobile. Then you can model.
Modeling is your mindset. If you want it, you chase it, you seek it out, and you are positive and understand that modeling is something you can do but you might not walk a runway, or work with a million modeling agencies in every country world wide, but you can get modeling work. You just need to be realistic with yourself. Models are all heights. Commercial print modeling is what you want to do!

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