Thursday, February 7, 2008

Taking Control of Your Modeling

I think of modeling as starting a small business, and then once I got a few gigs it became more of my life, a piece of my life that was a daily pursuit. But it hasn't just been one thing that has helped to get me ahead, it takes a lot of research, and self promoting, it takes communicating with your agents and making sure they have the photos that can represent you. Recently my agent sent some images out of me and didn't get the response back they hoped for, so I am now working on my images more. Even your comp card alone can be a lot of work to create, but your images are what will sell you. Whether you live in the middle of the country or in a bustling city you need to have a comp card and photos which you can mail out, email and also hand to casting directors, it is also important to use Google as a marketing tool, to gain informaiton about brands, companies, products, magazines, and agents. You can start your own modeling career by simply starting to focus on your images and creating a comp card and then mailing it out to some agents. But to find these agents, you need to pick modeling agencies that deal with print work, high fashion agencies are a little stuck for the petite models. So stick to the commercial world. Use Google, and research and find examples of the type of work the modeling agency submits their models too, if it seems like something you could do, then submit to them your comp card or photos.

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