Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Modeling to Feel Good

I don't model to feel good, it is a change I have made. Modeling to feel good is more about your ego and less about busienss. If a girl is modeling only to feel good about herself -to get a compliment, to be gawked at by a photographer, then she isn't thinking about DOING the modeling, and just thinking about fufilling her own ego.

Alot of girls tend to do this. And they also end up working with photographers who boost up their self image but do not get anywhere with modeling. Just photos but no legit work with brands, or products or modeling in magazines -nothing!

I thinkthe best thing to do to get out of this rut is to think about the type of modeling you want to do. The people you should be working with, the photos you really should have. And start chasing it.

I used to model for my ego, because it was fun and I would tease the camera and feel adored for a moment but that really isn't modeling to me anymore... I am way over that...because I want to represent a brand and I love posing with products, I love telling a story and emotion through my pose and bringing life into the product, brand or magazine editorial. Whether it is my hand or my foot, or my whole body or my eyes. I like to model because it is an act of expression and I enjoy it.

Modeling is more than showing off me. It is about the products I want to work with and finding ways to get their attention.

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