Monday, February 25, 2008

Modeling Means Promoting Yourself to Get in the Door

A lot of girls dwell so much on height when it comes to modeling, petite models forget that in the commercial world height is secondary. What matters more is your look, your energy, and understanding that modeling is also acting the part and being able to portray many emotions and personalities. To sell, to promote and express the image of the product, commercial, or for the editorial in a magazine. Here are some tips for promoting yourself as a model.

Modeling should be something you do because you already like yourself, if you are trying to model only for your own ego then modeling is really the wrong way to go about it. I get dissed for having a short fingernail at my castings sometimes for hand modeling jobs, so you' know modeling is a judgemental business.

Bring a smile: Many girls think modeling is about looking tough, and bitchy, I think modeling can involve laughing too.

Modeling is marketing and trying to sell your look, and what you CAN bring to a brand, a product and an agency. The answers shouldn't all be given to you, if you don't know what you can model and what you are good for, then you should not be trying to model yet. It is tough trying to figure out the business, get an agent, and get modeling work, but with your own persistance and smart business mindset you can make it happen for yourself, and what I mean by making it happen:
1. you will start to book modeling jobs with or without an agent
2. you can be paid for your time as a model
3. You can gain exposure in magazines and through modeling with products.

Study some magazines, think of products you like that you CAN model for, think big and dream big, think of handbags, shoes, accessories, beauty products, but don't think Gucci yet, when you are starting out modeling think about working with aspiring brands, building your portfolio and doing ALOT of test shoots, study what will work for you, focus on your images because at the end of the day it is a business based on photos and if they don't sell you...nothing will.

Have your marketing tools. Not just a Myspace page. Have a comp card, a headshot, a business card, the things you need to really be remembered.

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