Thursday, February 21, 2008

Modeling Any Girl Can Do

Here are some ad campaigns I have seen recently printed in January's ELLE magazine that any girl can do and model for-could have been you-,these ads are proving that your height isn't an issue when it comes to finding modeling work and that if you make your mindset positive you will find that there is modeling work out there...waiting for you.

1. YAZ beyond Birth Control- the ad features an energetic blond female

2. -the ad features a pretty black girl

3. Invisalign- the ad is a short haired brunette woman. - the ad is blond woman walking casually in jeans

5. Nikon- the ad features a smiling brunette holding a photo of her son

6. nail polish- the ad features two girls dancing and having fun and a hand model was used as well.

7. Visa- ad features girl with a color by number palette on her hair.

8. Windows Vista- features a girl smiling and drinking wine

See these ads could be you and even though it isn't fashion modeling it is commercial print modeling and it involves being YOU.

Think beyond the typical Model narrow minded box and start targeting yourself for print ads, of all kinds...for products, and brands.


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