Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Modeling Agencies Are not the End-all

Another girl said that she thought having a modeling agencies was the end all to her being a model. Without trying to pursue her own modeling herself. I think of modeling as a business as starting a business.

I think of it as something you create. And it starts with believing in yourself, with knowing you can model. There are many aspiring brands out there that need models, and if you read magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire, you will see that there are average looking girls who are pretty who are featured and modeling in their editorials.

It is your own mindset that will make you a model.

When I didn't have an agent, it didn't mean I wasn't modeling. I was!
I was seeking out my own work, I was contacting photographers and also brands I wanted to work with.

It is easy to give an agency $500 dollars and then sit on your butt and wait for a phone call. But that isn't my style. I don't wait!

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