Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lingerie Modeling Can be More than just Sexy photos

Alot of girls use the web as an outlet for promoting themselves, they those a lingerie or swimwear photo of themselves on the web and hope that they will be discovered and made a model without taking some steps that can get them where they want to be further.

1. Think about what you want to model and where and how, what brands, what type of products and magazines.

2. Target your lingerie photos to magazines and brands you want to work with.

3. Print images or make a compcard

4. Mail it to some magazines, or art directors, or photo editors, or modeling agencies.

5. You might think tall models are who get work, but not all tall models have nice bodies and if you can look good in lingerie you might be able to be sent on castings for lingerie ad campaigns and product LOOK BOOKS.

6. Go to tradeshows like Lingerie America's for lingerie networking.

7. Look in magazines to get inspired on poses and try posing on a couch, with jewelery and also in vintage chairs, soemthing that looks different and like an editorial or product ad campaign.

8. don't be afraid of HANES. Modeling lingerie and under garments can mean modeling for brands like JOCKEY AND HANES which pay nice bucks!

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