Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lingerie Americas and Tradeshow Modeling

Models of all heights work the Lingerie of Amercicas tradeshow, this weekend I visited the show on 18th Street in NYC and I admired the lingerie collections new and old and I also noticed the models who were representing these lingerie brands.

Not all of them were tall.

It is great to focus on your modeling photos and getting modeling work in print magazines and trying to be the face of a product or ad campaign but a way that models can also learn about business and how brands work is to be a tradeshow or showroom model. Modeling at a tradeshow is a great way to build your resume and also get a great day rate and to start to work with brands that are growing or known.

This week on my modeling pod cast called MODEL TALK, I will be discussing inventive ideas towards how you can get involved in Showroom and Tradeshow modeling for brands.

I look forward to sharing more on Weds!

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