Monday, February 11, 2008

The Life and Height of a Petite Model

I love knowing my advice helps aspiring models, I love knowing my mistakes can lead to someone else's success by sharing my tips and experience as a petite model. But beyond doing the actual modeling there are something things I would suggest you look into and pay attention to, so that you can also start self serving and planning your pursuits as a petite model.

1. Even though you are not a fashion model, are reading WWD, Woman's Wear Daily is a great website to gain information about the commercial and fashion worlds, and you can learn about how the inside of a business works. For example, did you know that Old Navy ( a commercial brand) is going to be more fashion forward and they are changing the look of their store and planning right now TV commercials and print ads for their new collection and look?

2. Read women's magzines like Elle, and Glamour, Marie Claire, Lucky, In Style, Bazaar to learn about aspriing brands, designers on the move, and commercial products and hair care and beauty brands that might need models.

3. Do you read It is a great website to learn about the entertainment business and also there is a list of castings in your city. Why not check it out?

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