Thursday, February 21, 2008

How to Model With Brands and Submitting to Brands

-When it comes to getting intouch with the brands you want to model for you need to research more than just the contact email on the companies website, - you need a name- you need to find out who the marketing department head is. Whether the brand is small and growing or big like Levi's or Guess? -you can get intouch with the marketing and pr people by sending emails and asking how they hire models, what agencies they work with and if you personally can send your photo, sometimes this can involve calling the headquarters, or mailing your photos to the department and including a letter stating your interest. Even sending a photo of yourself wearing that brands product can help too.

I think having a tearsheet in a magazine or showing you can model is important to book work, having a nice headshot and body shot, or notice the ads the brand has had before and try to bring the same energy or style to the table in the photographs you send...and some experience does help. These days the average model and petite models are not typically discovered and sent to work with brands, you have to create a comp card, research photographers, hustle to submit your cards out, and do a lot of test photo shoots and make yourself look as if you can represent a product...

No matter your height, ethnicity or age, there are magazines out there you can submit your photo to, the whole idea is to target yourself the right way, pregnant models are needed for pregnant magazines, older women are needed for pain killer commercials, there is work for everyone.

When it comes to work with brands, think about the makeup brands and companies you like, go to their website, Google them, find out if they hire models by an email or phone call. I would start by looking local, are there any big tradeshows in your town,-not just fashion shows but shows that involve accessories, shoes, handbags, lingerie etc,-where they might need models. And are any companies based in your city? Sometimes big brands are based in places you wouldn't expect.

If you love a makeup brand, why not contact them. And you can start with googling them and trying to get intouch with the marketing department or pr department.

Modeling invovles research these days, contacting productions companies, ad agencies, modeling agencies, pr companies. Being a model has many meanings now. It is called building you, your brand.

Think of yourself as a company, and you are trying to get sold! You need to be present at events, mailing your photos and in front of the people who are making these marketing decisions. Typically..alot of times they go to big agencies because the brands do want a model that is reliable. Less of the time does a girl get booked on her own, but she can build her book. Instead of just submitting your comp card to agencies, and photographers, try to also hit up networks, ad agencies, magazines, and the editorial department and producers, who need models as well for commercial, print editorials, and product ads. It isn't conventional. It isn't normal for a model to seek out her own work, but it is becoming more and more the trend.

You like a shoe company, email them, ask if they need a model. You want to model for a brand, mail them your photo.

If you find one person's email. You can usually get in touch with the person you want to get in touch with and if you asks with a nice tone, usually the person on the other end of the phone WILL help you.

I hope this helps.

Currently I am trying to model for a makeup brand and shoe brand.

-isobella jade

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