Monday, February 11, 2008

Finding a Petite Modeling Agency

Maybe you are thinking there are NO agencies for petite models? Well there is! Except they are not called petite modeling agencies, they are called Commercial print modeling agencies. These are NOT fashion agencies. These agencies submit modelsto jobs that involved print ads, print editorials in magazines, product ads, commercials, and promote their models to model everything from handbags to hair clips. From face cream to shoe modeling. These are the type of agencies you should look in to.

For example: See Flaunt Models ( NYC)
To find agencies, Google your city and also talent agencies or modeling agencies, then call or email them and ask if they have "print models or print modelingjobs?" Don't mention your lack of height, focus on what you do have. Maybe you can say " I have a lot of energy, great skin and I would love to be involved with your commercials and print work."

Speak up and state what you know you are good at, instead of saying

"I am short and I want to model." say...

" I would be great for commercials or print ads involving shoes, or handbags."

Remember that even the grocery store needs models. Models are everywhere!

Modeling is more than fashion, it involves products and selling them with a smile while being yourself.

Modeling these days is more about knowing about business and marketing than being the hottest thing around.

If you want to model: Ask yourself why you want to model?
What products do you want to model?

Being petite means you have to think about the commercial world to get work.

Commercial meaning: Even sell phones and Wal-Mart need models.

When it comes to getting an agency on your side: Also look into commercial print modeling and don't forget also talent agencies. You want to submit your photos, headshots and comp card to agencies who want to work with models of all sizes.
I think it is best to also know how to market yourself and have the tools you need:
Compcard - visit

Make sure when mailing your photos to include a nice letter, short, can say "I am interested in modeling I would be great for ____ and ____ modeling. I have a lot of energy and I would like to bring that into your print ads and commercials."

Know what you want. Chase it, and express it. You can create your own modeling career by being persistant and knowing that you have to be realistic with yourself.

You might not ever model in Vogue or in national ad campaigns but if you want to model, treat it like starting a business and you are the product, you have to think about what you want to model and research the address's and contacts and names to mail your modeling compcards and headshot, and photos.

Try to make your photos represent what you WANT to do. If you want to model handbags, grab a handbag and include it in the photo. (even your mom could take the picture).

Think from a client perspective: What brands, products, and magazine don't stress height as much? Usually they are commercial products, sports wear, fitness, makeup, cosmetic products, hair products.

Think from an agent perspective: You want to submit your photos to agencies that deal with clients that want models like you. You want to make sure your photos involve personaltiy and yoru smiles, and energy and include products, even holding a coffee cup or playing with a puppy is cute and what a commercial print model can use on their comp card.

Think like an expert!- Modeling isn't just being sexy and flaunting your photos on the Internet it is about selling a product, and using what you DO have to be a model.


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Kendra said...

this is some great advice! thankyou so much:)
im five six and i really want to model, so this has really inspired me to go for it!

Unknown said...

Wow, I'm really thankful for people like you who can give people like me hope! I'm 5'7", and I've been wanting to be a model for FOREVER now, and I'm 22, so I'm getting to be about that age where I'm going to be "too old", and I thought that those 2 inches would stop me forever! No way! I can't thank you enough for your helpful tips. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found this blog especially helpful, seeng how I wish to model but have been rejected for being to short. But, there is still one problem. I am not just short like 5 '7'' or 5'6'' short, I am 5'1.5'' short, but have a real determination to become a model. Any advive? Please email me at: Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your advice it helped alot do you know any commerical print agencys in london uk?
thankyou for inspiring us

Anonymous said...

What a great blog! So much useful information. I'm getting ideas... Yeah!!!

Thank you for making the time and effort to share your knowledge with us. So many wouldn't. I love this site!