Monday, February 18, 2008

Don't get Scammed for Modeling Photos!

If any agency asks you for money for photos they are a Scam, I work with very professional agencies in NYC who send me on castings gpt national brands and magazines like Glamour, Teen Vogue, and Bon Appetit, Time Magazine, and a lot more.

At this point...Have you considered getting your own photos and making your own comp card? Having some friends or even a student photographer help you? It isn;t that hard. You just need a nice headshot, think of the skincare and beauty ads, fresh face, then an energetic shot of your personality, and a couple more shots for the back of the card that express your look and personality. DONT go toooo FAHION, modeling for the petite girl is more than Fashion. It is print work, you might want to look at ads to get inspired.

This website has a good compcard price.

Even if you don't have an agency yet, why not look into new hair salons, or stores in your town that might need a model for their window posters, etc, or check out any ad agencies, graphic design agency, etc in your town as well and send them your comp card. Using a website or your Myspace account is ok, but it is so much more professional to have a comp card for yourself.

Get ambitious, do some homework and seek out your own modeling work.
Maybe once you have worked a few modeling jobs it will be easier to get an agent.

And you don't need to be scammed by an agency charging you $500 dollars to have a compcard. Just make your own!


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