Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Becoming a print model

So you're not high fashion, your not tall, your maybe considered short, but did you know you can still model? Print work is your avenue! And you might think you can't get ana gency but commercial print modeling agencies do accept models of all sizes, and also talent agencies as well. (of course read the small print and remember it is ok to freelance with many agencies all at once as a commercial print model.

Above are some job I did that are commercial print modeling, for example with Woman's World magazine. Commercial work is for the girl next door, the attractive, energetic girl who maybe isn't a tall Giraffe but who still can do a lot of modeling based on her every day look and energy!



monica said...

hey isobella where are you lacated who is your photographer and agent

Unknown said...

The modeling agencies I work with and photographers I love are on the side of my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

i will pay attention to your blog furthermore.