Friday, February 29, 2008

Bra's for the Petite Model and Petite Girl

It is frustrating and hard to find a bra that is smaller than a 34. I am personally a 32B, if I want clevage I go for an A cup. There is a great website you can consider for petite bra's and petite lingerie.

Bra's for the petite girls click here!

They even have 32AA!

Makeup For Ever Gives You a Hot Look today!

Get your eyes dressed up, and try out a new element of decorating your eyes. With fake eye lashes! Makeup For Ever is a brand that is about transformation and telling a story through their makeup and color palettes.

Today! until 7pm at Sephora in Times Square and Saturday March 1st in SoHo.

Check out the lashes, get yours done, and rock it in a new festive way with Makeup For Ever!

Models Can Keep it Together with Hollywood Fashion Tape

At the Lingerie America's show in NYC I got a sample of Hollywood Fashion Tape. This stuff is rally great. A lot of models, freelance models, aspiring models will find that fashion tape is great for hiding bra straps at your shoots, and to hold up a strapless dress. Maybe you don't want to wear a bra at all, but fashion tape is an option to keep yourself together and not falling out of your dress during a shoot or at an event.

And there are other products under the Hollywood fashion tape brand you can also consider for little "helpers" during your shoot:

Hollywood No-Shows, Disposable Nipple Concealers
Hollywood Clear Bra Straps
Hollywood Extras - Silicone Breast Enhancers
Hollywood Oil Blotting Sheets

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shoe Modeling tips

Whether your feet or perfect or not, you can still shoe model if you are a size 6 or 7. Of course they can't look all nasty and it is important to have a pedicure,
(and do it very often if not Always)...but here are some products you can consider when it comes to taking care of your feet. These tips are based on my own experience.

1. Creams and oils, even Johnson's baby oil should be applied at least once a day to your feet and legs, before or after a shower is how I do it.

2. Foot Filing is important! Try using LaCross folding foot file to smooth your feet when you are not in the pedicure chair, or bring it with you to the salon.

3. Foot scrub. Before castings and jobs, it is important to scrub your feet, it cleans up dead skin, and refreshes and revives your feet with a nice foot scrub.

If you want to model you need to take care of your body, maybe your body isn't totally picture perfect 24/7 but you should focus on eating right, and taking care of your skin, your skin, your nails, your neck can also define your age, so keep your skin alive!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Trade show Modeling websites to consider

Enclosed are some trade show modeling website that might help your modeling pursuits, but also do your own google searches too! Tradeshow modeling agency.

Trade show Modeling

Trade show modeling is a great way for models, especially petite models and aspiring models to get work. You can find out the vendors, the trade show names, and the brands that need models or might need models which you can contact by googling.
(remember you might need to attend some of these events, walk the floor and get business cards and contact them by email or phone, or ask them if they need models, and don't be too pushy for a high rate, ask " what do you typically pay models, or whatever you think is reasonable." when debating a day rate through yourself. You don't want to lose the opportunity when you are building your experience as a model because you were too pushy to get that extra 50 bucks! Sometimes you can get compensated in product as well. So you might have to debate the rate but working with brands and aspiring brands should be a goal. And Trade show modeling is a great way to launch your modeling resume. Be assertive and contact some brands.

When you google lingerie + trade show modeling, these are some of the results:

When you google, Swimwear + trade shows:

There is alot of opportunity by also googling your city + conference, or trade show, and trade shows, plus the trade. What I mean by trade is google: swimwear + Chicago
Or shoe show + NYC, or accessory show + your city. But even smaller events and fashion related events are good to attend as well.

Always keep your game face on!

Modeling to Feel Good

I don't model to feel good, it is a change I have made. Modeling to feel good is more about your ego and less about busienss. If a girl is modeling only to feel good about herself -to get a compliment, to be gawked at by a photographer, then she isn't thinking about DOING the modeling, and just thinking about fufilling her own ego.

Alot of girls tend to do this. And they also end up working with photographers who boost up their self image but do not get anywhere with modeling. Just photos but no legit work with brands, or products or modeling in magazines -nothing!

I thinkthe best thing to do to get out of this rut is to think about the type of modeling you want to do. The people you should be working with, the photos you really should have. And start chasing it.

I used to model for my ego, because it was fun and I would tease the camera and feel adored for a moment but that really isn't modeling to me anymore... I am way over that...because I want to represent a brand and I love posing with products, I love telling a story and emotion through my pose and bringing life into the product, brand or magazine editorial. Whether it is my hand or my foot, or my whole body or my eyes. I like to model because it is an act of expression and I enjoy it.

Modeling is more than showing off me. It is about the products I want to work with and finding ways to get their attention.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tradeshow Modeling advice on Model Talk

Weds at 8pm I share advice on Tradeshow modeling and how to get work as a model, where to find work as a model, and how to make money as a tradeshow model.

Stop by Model Talk, find me on iTunes or at


isobella jade

Fitness tips: Models Need to Stay Fit and Fruit Helps!

A lot of what makes me a model is my comfort level with my body. I do body part modeling all the time, and my skin is very important to whether I get the job or not. Therefore I try to drink alot of water and juice and also V8 juice, and I also try to eat at least one piece of fruit a day. An Apple, Orange or a pear. At the very least one piece of fruit! At my photo shoots I don't jump into the candy bowl before I have some fruit first,- fruit keeps your energy going too. It makes your skin feel alive, beautiful, and healthy on the outside and inside, compared to eating a cheeseburger before you go on set. Maybe you can't get to the gym, or you aren't really into working out for hours, but what you put in your mouth does matter and you should include some fruit!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Modeling Means Promoting Yourself to Get in the Door

A lot of girls dwell so much on height when it comes to modeling, petite models forget that in the commercial world height is secondary. What matters more is your look, your energy, and understanding that modeling is also acting the part and being able to portray many emotions and personalities. To sell, to promote and express the image of the product, commercial, or for the editorial in a magazine. Here are some tips for promoting yourself as a model.

Modeling should be something you do because you already like yourself, if you are trying to model only for your own ego then modeling is really the wrong way to go about it. I get dissed for having a short fingernail at my castings sometimes for hand modeling jobs, so you' know modeling is a judgemental business.

Bring a smile: Many girls think modeling is about looking tough, and bitchy, I think modeling can involve laughing too.

Modeling is marketing and trying to sell your look, and what you CAN bring to a brand, a product and an agency. The answers shouldn't all be given to you, if you don't know what you can model and what you are good for, then you should not be trying to model yet. It is tough trying to figure out the business, get an agent, and get modeling work, but with your own persistance and smart business mindset you can make it happen for yourself, and what I mean by making it happen:
1. you will start to book modeling jobs with or without an agent
2. you can be paid for your time as a model
3. You can gain exposure in magazines and through modeling with products.

Study some magazines, think of products you like that you CAN model for, think big and dream big, think of handbags, shoes, accessories, beauty products, but don't think Gucci yet, when you are starting out modeling think about working with aspiring brands, building your portfolio and doing ALOT of test shoots, study what will work for you, focus on your images because at the end of the day it is a business based on photos and if they don't sell you...nothing will.

Have your marketing tools. Not just a Myspace page. Have a comp card, a headshot, a business card, the things you need to really be remembered.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lingerie Americas and Tradeshow Modeling

Models of all heights work the Lingerie of Amercicas tradeshow, this weekend I visited the show on 18th Street in NYC and I admired the lingerie collections new and old and I also noticed the models who were representing these lingerie brands.

Not all of them were tall.

It is great to focus on your modeling photos and getting modeling work in print magazines and trying to be the face of a product or ad campaign but a way that models can also learn about business and how brands work is to be a tradeshow or showroom model. Modeling at a tradeshow is a great way to build your resume and also get a great day rate and to start to work with brands that are growing or known.

This week on my modeling pod cast called MODEL TALK, I will be discussing inventive ideas towards how you can get involved in Showroom and Tradeshow modeling for brands.

I look forward to sharing more on Weds!

Click here to hear other segments:

Isobella Jade

Friday, February 22, 2008

Printing a Modeling Comp card or Headshot

Printing a modeling compcard or headshot can be simple! is my favorite right now.

But also printing up at a Wal-Mart or Kinko's some pictures is ok too!

When you are starting your career DO NOT pay huge money for printing or photos.

Before you start working with an agency -seriously even photos your mom could take will do! But if you do want to seek out photographers, be careful! And focus on creating a photoshoot that represents the brands and products you want to model or represent. For example: If you are petite, think of jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, shoes...and include these items in your photo shoot. Try to make your photo shoots look like ads because that is what agents want to see. They want to know You can model, and be a model that is used in ad campaigns and print work.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Modeling Events and Tradeshows to Consider

It is go to be at tradeshows, modeling or not, to see what it out there, what brands are using models, and being present at events, pr parties if you can. Not just to socialize but to learn about companies, product launches, the type of modeling they currently use, the type of ad campaign they have. Even Store openings, and such.

And Use Google for more than just for finding another place to post photo, research people, places, events, business, treat the internet like a business source too!

How to Model With Brands and Submitting to Brands

-When it comes to getting intouch with the brands you want to model for you need to research more than just the contact email on the companies website, - you need a name- you need to find out who the marketing department head is. Whether the brand is small and growing or big like Levi's or Guess? -you can get intouch with the marketing and pr people by sending emails and asking how they hire models, what agencies they work with and if you personally can send your photo, sometimes this can involve calling the headquarters, or mailing your photos to the department and including a letter stating your interest. Even sending a photo of yourself wearing that brands product can help too.

I think having a tearsheet in a magazine or showing you can model is important to book work, having a nice headshot and body shot, or notice the ads the brand has had before and try to bring the same energy or style to the table in the photographs you send...and some experience does help. These days the average model and petite models are not typically discovered and sent to work with brands, you have to create a comp card, research photographers, hustle to submit your cards out, and do a lot of test photo shoots and make yourself look as if you can represent a product...

No matter your height, ethnicity or age, there are magazines out there you can submit your photo to, the whole idea is to target yourself the right way, pregnant models are needed for pregnant magazines, older women are needed for pain killer commercials, there is work for everyone.

When it comes to work with brands, think about the makeup brands and companies you like, go to their website, Google them, find out if they hire models by an email or phone call. I would start by looking local, are there any big tradeshows in your town,-not just fashion shows but shows that involve accessories, shoes, handbags, lingerie etc,-where they might need models. And are any companies based in your city? Sometimes big brands are based in places you wouldn't expect.

If you love a makeup brand, why not contact them. And you can start with googling them and trying to get intouch with the marketing department or pr department.

Modeling invovles research these days, contacting productions companies, ad agencies, modeling agencies, pr companies. Being a model has many meanings now. It is called building you, your brand.

Think of yourself as a company, and you are trying to get sold! You need to be present at events, mailing your photos and in front of the people who are making these marketing decisions. Typically..alot of times they go to big agencies because the brands do want a model that is reliable. Less of the time does a girl get booked on her own, but she can build her book. Instead of just submitting your comp card to agencies, and photographers, try to also hit up networks, ad agencies, magazines, and the editorial department and producers, who need models as well for commercial, print editorials, and product ads. It isn't conventional. It isn't normal for a model to seek out her own work, but it is becoming more and more the trend.

You like a shoe company, email them, ask if they need a model. You want to model for a brand, mail them your photo.

If you find one person's email. You can usually get in touch with the person you want to get in touch with and if you asks with a nice tone, usually the person on the other end of the phone WILL help you.

I hope this helps.

Currently I am trying to model for a makeup brand and shoe brand.

-isobella jade

Modeling Any Girl Can Do

Here are some ad campaigns I have seen recently printed in January's ELLE magazine that any girl can do and model for-could have been you-,these ads are proving that your height isn't an issue when it comes to finding modeling work and that if you make your mindset positive you will find that there is modeling work out there...waiting for you.

1. YAZ beyond Birth Control- the ad features an energetic blond female

2. -the ad features a pretty black girl

3. Invisalign- the ad is a short haired brunette woman. - the ad is blond woman walking casually in jeans

5. Nikon- the ad features a smiling brunette holding a photo of her son

6. nail polish- the ad features two girls dancing and having fun and a hand model was used as well.

7. Visa- ad features girl with a color by number palette on her hair.

8. Windows Vista- features a girl smiling and drinking wine

See these ads could be you and even though it isn't fashion modeling it is commercial print modeling and it involves being YOU.

Think beyond the typical Model narrow minded box and start targeting yourself for print ads, of all kinds...for products, and brands.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lingerie Modeling Can be More than just Sexy photos

Alot of girls use the web as an outlet for promoting themselves, they those a lingerie or swimwear photo of themselves on the web and hope that they will be discovered and made a model without taking some steps that can get them where they want to be further.

1. Think about what you want to model and where and how, what brands, what type of products and magazines.

2. Target your lingerie photos to magazines and brands you want to work with.

3. Print images or make a compcard

4. Mail it to some magazines, or art directors, or photo editors, or modeling agencies.

5. You might think tall models are who get work, but not all tall models have nice bodies and if you can look good in lingerie you might be able to be sent on castings for lingerie ad campaigns and product LOOK BOOKS.

6. Go to tradeshows like Lingerie America's for lingerie networking.

7. Look in magazines to get inspired on poses and try posing on a couch, with jewelery and also in vintage chairs, soemthing that looks different and like an editorial or product ad campaign.

8. don't be afraid of HANES. Modeling lingerie and under garments can mean modeling for brands like JOCKEY AND HANES which pay nice bucks!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Too Short to Model? Just stretch your Leg to look Taller while Modeling

Here is a great shot of myself posing my leg, with a little bend of the knee you can make your legs appear longer, stretch your whole body, breath in and exhale, and point your tow, pointing your toe when you sit or pose laying down makes your body look at least 4 inches longer!

Another type of modeling to consider is: Body part modeling- it is modeling your arms, your legs, your stomach, hands, feet, and your neck, ears, etc. It is modeling of your body parts.

Using this example of leg modeling and the next time you are infront of the camera, stretch your body, relax, bend a knee, and point that toe!

Modeling Agencies Are not the End-all

Another girl said that she thought having a modeling agencies was the end all to her being a model. Without trying to pursue her own modeling herself. I think of modeling as a business as starting a business.

I think of it as something you create. And it starts with believing in yourself, with knowing you can model. There are many aspiring brands out there that need models, and if you read magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire, you will see that there are average looking girls who are pretty who are featured and modeling in their editorials.

It is your own mindset that will make you a model.

When I didn't have an agent, it didn't mean I wasn't modeling. I was!
I was seeking out my own work, I was contacting photographers and also brands I wanted to work with.

It is easy to give an agency $500 dollars and then sit on your butt and wait for a phone call. But that isn't my style. I don't wait!

Thinking You can’t Be a Model

A girl on Myspace recently sent me a message saying she is upset that she is only 5'3"! Now she thinks she can't model. My reply is...

Ask yourself what you think modeling is?

If you think it is only being tall, and walking the runway then you are right you can't model.

If you think it is print modeling, parts modeling, modeling handbags, shoes, and commercial products, like for T-Mobile. Then you can model.
Modeling is your mindset. If you want it, you chase it, you seek it out, and you are positive and understand that modeling is something you can do but you might not walk a runway, or work with a million modeling agencies in every country world wide, but you can get modeling work. You just need to be realistic with yourself. Models are all heights. Commercial print modeling is what you want to do!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Brands that care about Modeling Scams

While search the Venus Shaver online I notice that P&G has spoken out about modeling scams.

Click here to read their opinion on submitting yourself as a model or read below. I like that this brand, corporation is being vocal about the scams that are out there that aspiring models can fall for. IT is very nice to see the brands out there being inspirational and also honest and helpful towards the aspiring model.

Get Your Legs Ready with Venus Embrace by Gillette

I find myself using my boyfriends razor a lot but it is nice to see the Gillette hasn't forgotten the woman's tough shaver needs. I love the 5 razor concept, I can't use just a one blade razor on my legs, and I need a very good blade to get the job done. My skin is very important to me and I think using a shaver that is sensitive to our skin is very important when it comes to body part modeling. Especially since I am not a bikini wax fan, I need a good shaver for all those spots too! The Venus Embrace from Gillette is worth the swipe!

Hair Modeling at Fekkai

Be a Fekkai Model, Great opportunity for Petite Models.

This is a great opportunity for petite models from Fekkai, for newbie models, hair modeling is a nice start to get some modeling work on your resume and put your hair to use as a model for Fekkai. Click the link below for information on submitting yourself as a hair model.

Don't get Scammed for Modeling Photos!

If any agency asks you for money for photos they are a Scam, I work with very professional agencies in NYC who send me on castings gpt national brands and magazines like Glamour, Teen Vogue, and Bon Appetit, Time Magazine, and a lot more.

At this point...Have you considered getting your own photos and making your own comp card? Having some friends or even a student photographer help you? It isn;t that hard. You just need a nice headshot, think of the skincare and beauty ads, fresh face, then an energetic shot of your personality, and a couple more shots for the back of the card that express your look and personality. DONT go toooo FAHION, modeling for the petite girl is more than Fashion. It is print work, you might want to look at ads to get inspired.

This website has a good compcard price.

Even if you don't have an agency yet, why not look into new hair salons, or stores in your town that might need a model for their window posters, etc, or check out any ad agencies, graphic design agency, etc in your town as well and send them your comp card. Using a website or your Myspace account is ok, but it is so much more professional to have a comp card for yourself.

Get ambitious, do some homework and seek out your own modeling work.
Maybe once you have worked a few modeling jobs it will be easier to get an agent.

And you don't need to be scammed by an agency charging you $500 dollars to have a compcard. Just make your own!


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nina Garcia, speaks of Self Promotion

I enjoyed reading Nina Garcia's comment on self promotion in her article in Elle magazine about Project runway and what it takes to be the next Michael Kors.

I loved it when she said, " To be a designer these days, you must possess not only creativity but a savvy business sense and be able to promote yourself."

I think the same when it comes to modeling and the marketing involved with marketing yourself as a model, especially if you are not the standard size that the typical modeling business accepts. Instead I have learned to market myself by focusing on what areas of the modeling business I can excell in, like parts and print work and editorial modeling and it has to do with not only being a good model, having quality photographs, but also bigger than anything: having a marketing mentality.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shoes to Consider for your Modeling Photoshoots

Shoes are the best props for a petite model, here are a few brands you should consider when you are trying to prepare your outfits for a modeling test shoot or your daily modeling castings. These shoe brands also have great flats too!

Report Shoes

Michael Antonio


Me too




Candies were one of the first pair of shoes I owned- in high school! Glad to see the shoes are still alive and well!

I love wearing heels and boots and shoes of all kinds- shoes are my favorite thing to buy! I hope ar your modeling photo shoots you start to rock shoes and model as if you are in an ad or editorial.

Petite Models should Focus on Their Photos!

When you are starting off modeling it is sometimes hard enough to find a decent photographer, but even your mom could help you with some of these ideas for images you can use on your compcard. Then go into Photo shop and touch up anything that needs a boost. You can take control of your pursuits by planning your shoots as well. Sit on the couch, and put on a dress and model it, and look danty and as if you are posing for an ad.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Picking a Photographer and Finding an Agency

Over the years I have worked with The Good, The bad and even worse, The UGLY photographer, in experience and also the quality of the work. Today I plan my shoots and I don't like to waste time. My advice comes down to two things. Don't Pay and Get what you need!

I think it comes down to your own ambition. If a modeling agency wants to charge you for photos, please walk out of there, it is a modeling scam.

I work with 4 NYC agencies who send me to work with brands like Bath and Body Works and I make my own compcard here and I mail them about 20 comp cards each and they submit the card out and get a percent when I book a job and ONLY when I book a job.

WHY would you pay a photographer that you don't even get to choose?

If you do pay...Pay someone ONLY if you Pick the photographer and you like his work ALOT and the money appears to be worth it.

But you don't have to pay. I made that mistakes once and I have NEVER paid again. I have gotten alot of work and great photos by using my creative energy, my research skills to contact photographer and to bring an idea to the table.

If you can go to a local college and stop by the photo department and get your own photos for free maybe, or if you can promote yourself to photographers and bring your ideas to their camera and try to get the images you need on your own then you don't have to pay money, but it does depend on your creative promotion skills.

Use the computer for research of quality photographers who are worth the money OR try to get your own images. Express the type of work you want and ONLY work with a photographer that accepts your ideas and doesn't make you take your clothes off to get what you want!

You can find an agency, a commercial print modeling agency, a print agency, that will accept you and your comp card.

Also!!! Remember to add products to your shoots. NOT JUST YOU posing, but a brush, a handbag, shoes, look at catalogs, commercials, print ads, beauty ads, skincare ads, handbag ads.... Think about WHY you want to Model. What products do you want to model?

Girls forget that modeling is not just about YOU, it is about the products you model.

Think about the brands and products you can model. Why not mail your own photo to a magazine or contact the brand you want to model for?

Go for it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Modeling Cosmetics and Makeup Tips

Makeup can be used not just on your face but on your whole body, to coer scars and even to create a unique photo for your portfolio during a test shoot. Models now are pron to knowing how to do their own makeup and tonight on my modeling podcast I will liste some products you can find at your near by drug store for under $20 that will give you a very fresh and pretty look for your photo shoots.

Listen in at Model Talk

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hot Shoes including Two Lips and Nina shoes- for Photoshoots to Consider

For your photo shoots, here are some great shoes for the petite ladies and petite models to consider! Some might be a little pricey if meant only for photo shoots, but I like to use my shoes for every day life too. The other day I wore my Nina's to dinner and I loved it, and in Miami I wore my Two Lips shoes all the time for the extra inches!

Nina Shoes: ( great diverse selection and love the bright colors like orange!- very stylish)

Two Lips: ( trendy and sexy)

Courtney Crawford: ( i love the african queen style!)

Ann Marino
( dressy and affordable)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Being Your Own Modeling Agent

Remember that being a model means self serving and being willing to chase your goals.

1. newspapers, local magazines, local stores, and even hair salons, might need models

2. have your comp cards and headshots handy, maybe get a business card with your photo, a nice smile and be ready to mail your photos out andhand them out as well.

3. Go to events, craft fairs, music evens, art fairs, and be open minded about being a model and remember all brands, products and aspiring brands need models.

Being a model means self promoting and being willing to work hard.

Finding a Petite Modeling Agency

Maybe you are thinking there are NO agencies for petite models? Well there is! Except they are not called petite modeling agencies, they are called Commercial print modeling agencies. These are NOT fashion agencies. These agencies submit modelsto jobs that involved print ads, print editorials in magazines, product ads, commercials, and promote their models to model everything from handbags to hair clips. From face cream to shoe modeling. These are the type of agencies you should look in to.

For example: See Flaunt Models ( NYC)
To find agencies, Google your city and also talent agencies or modeling agencies, then call or email them and ask if they have "print models or print modelingjobs?" Don't mention your lack of height, focus on what you do have. Maybe you can say " I have a lot of energy, great skin and I would love to be involved with your commercials and print work."

Speak up and state what you know you are good at, instead of saying

"I am short and I want to model." say...

" I would be great for commercials or print ads involving shoes, or handbags."

Remember that even the grocery store needs models. Models are everywhere!

Modeling is more than fashion, it involves products and selling them with a smile while being yourself.

Modeling these days is more about knowing about business and marketing than being the hottest thing around.

If you want to model: Ask yourself why you want to model?
What products do you want to model?

Being petite means you have to think about the commercial world to get work.

Commercial meaning: Even sell phones and Wal-Mart need models.

When it comes to getting an agency on your side: Also look into commercial print modeling and don't forget also talent agencies. You want to submit your photos, headshots and comp card to agencies who want to work with models of all sizes.
I think it is best to also know how to market yourself and have the tools you need:
Compcard - visit

Make sure when mailing your photos to include a nice letter, short, can say "I am interested in modeling I would be great for ____ and ____ modeling. I have a lot of energy and I would like to bring that into your print ads and commercials."

Know what you want. Chase it, and express it. You can create your own modeling career by being persistant and knowing that you have to be realistic with yourself.

You might not ever model in Vogue or in national ad campaigns but if you want to model, treat it like starting a business and you are the product, you have to think about what you want to model and research the address's and contacts and names to mail your modeling compcards and headshot, and photos.

Try to make your photos represent what you WANT to do. If you want to model handbags, grab a handbag and include it in the photo. (even your mom could take the picture).

Think from a client perspective: What brands, products, and magazine don't stress height as much? Usually they are commercial products, sports wear, fitness, makeup, cosmetic products, hair products.

Think from an agent perspective: You want to submit your photos to agencies that deal with clients that want models like you. You want to make sure your photos involve personaltiy and yoru smiles, and energy and include products, even holding a coffee cup or playing with a puppy is cute and what a commercial print model can use on their comp card.

Think like an expert!- Modeling isn't just being sexy and flaunting your photos on the Internet it is about selling a product, and using what you DO have to be a model.

The Life and Height of a Petite Model

I love knowing my advice helps aspiring models, I love knowing my mistakes can lead to someone else's success by sharing my tips and experience as a petite model. But beyond doing the actual modeling there are something things I would suggest you look into and pay attention to, so that you can also start self serving and planning your pursuits as a petite model.

1. Even though you are not a fashion model, are reading WWD, Woman's Wear Daily is a great website to gain information about the commercial and fashion worlds, and you can learn about how the inside of a business works. For example, did you know that Old Navy ( a commercial brand) is going to be more fashion forward and they are changing the look of their store and planning right now TV commercials and print ads for their new collection and look?

2. Read women's magzines like Elle, and Glamour, Marie Claire, Lucky, In Style, Bazaar to learn about aspriing brands, designers on the move, and commercial products and hair care and beauty brands that might need models.

3. Do you read It is a great website to learn about the entertainment business and also there is a list of castings in your city. Why not check it out?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Petite Modeling tips: Using My body for fashion and TV shows

A lot of girls want to become Glamour models, but I have found a way to model and use my body but do it for fashion and commercial products, TV shows, and magazine editorials and ad campaigns. Enclosed is a short story I wrote for about a modeling experience I had when I was booked to be naked infront of a live audience on a fashion related TV Show.

Click here to read the short story on Backstage.comEnjoy!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Taking Control of Your Modeling

I think of modeling as starting a small business, and then once I got a few gigs it became more of my life, a piece of my life that was a daily pursuit. But it hasn't just been one thing that has helped to get me ahead, it takes a lot of research, and self promoting, it takes communicating with your agents and making sure they have the photos that can represent you. Recently my agent sent some images out of me and didn't get the response back they hoped for, so I am now working on my images more. Even your comp card alone can be a lot of work to create, but your images are what will sell you. Whether you live in the middle of the country or in a bustling city you need to have a comp card and photos which you can mail out, email and also hand to casting directors, it is also important to use Google as a marketing tool, to gain informaiton about brands, companies, products, magazines, and agents. You can start your own modeling career by simply starting to focus on your images and creating a comp card and then mailing it out to some agents. But to find these agents, you need to pick modeling agencies that deal with print work, high fashion agencies are a little stuck for the petite models. So stick to the commercial world. Use Google, and research and find examples of the type of work the modeling agency submits their models too, if it seems like something you could do, then submit to them your comp card or photos.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Creating Your Modeling Opportunity

Do you have a book of Stamps? Do you have your marketing material? Headshots, comp cards, do you know how to manage yourself, and research names and numbers and emails, and address's. All you want can be found by a simple Google search. If you want something you chase it! You seek it out and find it. Even the editors of magazines to mail your photos too, even photographers, even brands and products as well that you want to model for...when you are trying to be a model, it means being on top of your goals, and making them and setting them and creating the dream, making it happen!

Mail magazines, mail agents, mail photographers, even ad agencies. No one says you can't! keep hustling.

Creating Your Modeling Opportunity

Do you have a book of Stamps? Do you have your marketing material? Headshots, comp cards, do you know how to manage yourself, and research names and numbers and emails, and address's. All you want can be found by a simple Google search. If you want something you chase it! You seek it out and find it. Even the editors of magazines to mail your photos too, even photographers, even brands and products as well that you want to model for...when you are trying to be a model, it means being on top of your goals, and making them and setting them and creating the dream, making it happen!

Mail magazines, mail agents, mail photographers, even ad agencies. No one says you can't! keep hustling.

Posing Nude for Commercial Ads

There is away to pose nude while selling a product, look above! This is a great one by Valentino. Other Ads for consideration to get ideas for your photo shoots are for OLAY, Johnson's Baby Oil and Gel, Aveeno,and St.Ives are great to get ideas for commercial print and body part modeling. There are ways to use your body and be seen in an ad campaign. I think a savvy model and aspiring model needs to pay attention to ads and notice what the products and brands are doing and apply this to understanding where you fit in as a model. Notice that hair products and skincare and accessory modeling for shoes and handbags accept petite models. So grab ah andbag and start posing with it for your modeling comp card or modeling portfolio book.

Listen in tonight for Modeling Comp card Advice

Tonight on my pod cast I give out modeling comp card advice and tips!

if you would like some insight, stop by!

Becoming a print model

So you're not high fashion, your not tall, your maybe considered short, but did you know you can still model? Print work is your avenue! And you might think you can't get ana gency but commercial print modeling agencies do accept models of all sizes, and also talent agencies as well. (of course read the small print and remember it is ok to freelance with many agencies all at once as a commercial print model.

Above are some job I did that are commercial print modeling, for example with Woman's World magazine. Commercial work is for the girl next door, the attractive, energetic girl who maybe isn't a tall Giraffe but who still can do a lot of modeling based on her every day look and energy!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Freelance Modeling: Working with Agencies

Working as a freelance model means you can work with many agencies, it also means you can find your own work and you should. An agent can help keep your rate higher although you can also debate your rates depending on the freelance modeling job you find for yourself. Usually a magazine or the brand will set a standard rate though.

If you work with a magazine you get paid usually $150-$250.
If you work with showrooms you can make $200-$350 a day.
if you work with print ad campaigns or commercials you can make anywhre from $500-$10,000 or more plus royalities.

Modeling does pay but you have to target yourself the right way, with the right photos, and as a petite model it is best to be as commercial as possible.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Petite Models and Modeling poses

Here are some tips for modeling poses, please see above, I love using chairs and couches and accessories and using the atmosphere around me as part of the shoot- in my shoots. Here are some examples of how to make your legs longer and show some action and movement in your shoots, and your poses look like a product ad or editoral. If you are a freelance model and trying to get a modeling agency, then I wouldn't worry about the clothing, styling and makeup too much, just focus on your poses and expression and make sure to have nice foundation and skin. If you are shooting with a photographer and submitting to a magazine then you might want to call up some showrooms and see if you can barrow some clothing or hit up some department stores or there is always a great inexpensive place called Forever 21!

Modeling Casting Advice

There are things not to say and things to say at a modeling casting. You want to come off experienced but not too experienced for the job. What I mean is, if you go to a casting for a shoe company but you just were in a shoe modeling ad, you can mention that but also express how much you love shoe modeling and want to continue to do it. Compliment the brand you are visiting and don't make it seem like you have " been there done that" want to let each job lead to more. You want to make sure your modeling portfolio is growing and each casting, audition, and experience can help you grow as a model.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Modeling Makeup for $4.99 and under!

Guess what at Missha you can find a models dream makeup, beauty and skincare and cosmetics hub: Over 500 products are under $4.99!!! I love this. My favorite product right now is the real fluid foundation. I also love their Hydro cream and the Rose Water Toners for only $7.99! Keep this in mind: If you need a quick makeup stop before your photo shoots don't forget Missha for a great deal.

Their might be a store in your town or city, otherwise you can always stop by the website.

Modeling Tips: Bring your Energy Petite Models

No one turns down energy and persistance, so bring your spunk to your shoots, meetings, castings, and agents! Push not just your body, smile and legs but that you are on time, easy to work with, energetic and a great model. It is about your modeling photos and how you look on camera but also about your personality and the drive you have! Think to yourself: Why do they want to work with me? Your first reason should be your energy, because it takes ALOT to be a model.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Petite Modeling Tips- A Blog for the Petite Girls

This blog is Great! It speaks for the petite girl and shares fashion tips, celeb features and everything is based on being petite! I recently wrote an article based on petite modeling check it out!

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